Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Miss Military Misfit: Art, Hotmezz Best &Gala 2013

Military coats anyone? I am and will always be a fan of military jackets. There bad ass, sleek, fashionable at all times, looks good in any color, any print...no one can really say anything bad about a military jacket or coat. Everyone owns at least one whether its camo-colored or jeaned out and rugged. To be honest with you guys, I saw this jacket on a woman I was picking up at the airport, this woman just so happened to be my mother. So of course I nagged her to try it on and it fit. This was around her Christmas visit, and of course given the fact its a jacket/thin coat..I knew I would not be wearing it that much, given I live in sunny California. But this week has started off rainy and wet. A perfect excuse to rock out the military button up jacket.

 Here in my town since Friday has been rainy and crazy weird in the weather department. It barely rains here so I had to crab a umbrella fast every five seconds. It has been pouring rain and the mudslides are crazy in this area. People can not drive. Cars are driving slower than usual. Its close to chaos in the streets of Oceanside and it does not seem to be lightening up any time soon. We usually only see rain in December. So seeing the sprinkles come down is quite strange. But! It gave me an excuse to break out the boots and nice jackets that I stored away. One of them being this awesome jacket that I "borrowed" from my Mom. 

What made me fall in love with this jacket? The cut, the size, and the adjustable pinch you can adjust with the sides of the jacket. Its very light and not thick as it might look. The material is soft, and almost cloth like. I love it and have been wearing it all weekend. Its very sexy. I had it for awhile and now have the chance to show ya'll the jacket..finally!

Here is Oside getting flooded with rain below:


Usually I see Kat Von D, Courtney Love and the rock and roll women rock this look a lot. When I first put it one I thought I looked pretty "Goth" but loved it right away. I rock it with jeans, my beloved leggings...you name it I pair it up with it. Something about it seems timeless and very victorian. Yet, still a hint of bad-ass-bitch in it. Anyone can pull this off with a little bit of fierceness. 

Something about fold in a military jacket and the broad shoulder inside it makes it extra bad ass...


The sun never came out once today. Given the wet rain I rocked my knee high boots that I had to dig out of my shoe box. It was nice to rock them again. Its super wet and rainy near my home given I live on the side of a mountain the mudslides were crazy, so I had to use the grass for posing the OOTD.
The skirt I paired with this coat is from Target. A regular pencil skirt I bought for 17.99 (I know, totally over priced but I wanted once immensely..) also paired with Torrid boots. Normally jeans would be under this but why not rock a skirt today in the rain? Its legal right?

I wore underneath a solid white and sheer top from Forever 21 that is a favorite of mine. The front of the shirt is nothing special but the back is so bridal and soft. Only paid 10.99 for the top, nothing crazy. It looks good with just about anything if you ask me. Jeans, leggings..given the fact it goes down past the bum...Love this top so much! Im happy I found a Forever 21 plus within driving range! Yay me!

~Forever 21 top on hanger~

Not bad right? Not at all! Oversized long tees are the best wouldn't you agree?

 ~Life In The Fast Lane~

I have to admit I have been a naughty blogger once again. But man life has been having me running around crazy as a bat! I can't even run down everything that has been going on. From trying to receive a California licenses all the way down to having bills coming at me left and right, I don't even know where to start. But what else is new? We all are going through it. Thats life for you. In order to escape a bit I do my Yoga and try and get some culture from art shows and art museums downtown. I heard a famous picture that I loved was in San Diego so I went to the art show to see it while it was here in SoCal. Im a super duper art fan and an artist named Chuck Close was there...so me being a art geek, I went. This was last weekend, but I had to show you the pictures of my time there at the museum. Great contemporary artwork!

Downtown La Jolla was amazing. I never been and heard great things at my Yoga class and decided to pencil it in. I love contemporary art, basically Andy Warhol art..stuff that makes zero sense to most people! Ha! But I can not lie I saw some pretty strange "artwork" but its always great to see what people create and entering the mind of someone. I love it. I loved taking the Booski to see the art as well even though she probably did not give a damn and just wanted to know when we were going to the next beach park. There were over sized milk cartons and paper bags....even a film just showing a dollar bill for 48 hours...it was amazing and I loved it. 

Heres that large paper bag I was telling you about...it was pretty darn huge..

Looking at this now I still don't get it..

The only picture Greg liked...lol!

Ah! Chuck Close..Im not gonna go in about this picture. Its just Im a fan of this exact picture! Its an amazing portrait of himself..how detailed! Ugh! Im happy I had the experience! It was surreal I was that close to the original..

Google Chuck Close if you wanna hear about an amazing artist...if not just keep reading the blog I will get back to the fashion..

There was a little mouse elevator that the Booski was trying to get on but she couldn't fit, she almost made the height requirement. Mind you, the elevator opened and dinged! How cool..

Now get dis wurk

A view of La Jolla California, aka rich people central...

One of the best art shows I been to in a long time. Great museum! The water was beautiful as well and looked like something that shoulda been in Bermuda...pretty beautiful!

~Rose (BFF) Bounty Bargin Hunter~

My beloved bestie is still out in Vegas doing her thing. I always call her the bargain queen because she finds deals unheard of. I seen this woman buy a pair of shoes for 99 cents before, so believe me, her finds are unreal! 
When she isn't working she finds time to shop about like I do and is all about resale clothing stores. Rose is from the east-coast like I am. We are accustomed to thrift stores, not resale shops and consignment. But that seems to be the norm here on the west side. Rose has been finding tops and great dresses for great prices all awhile being name brand. Im always falling in love with her buys...so check out her purchases this week...plus you can watch her hauls on Youtube as well!
Nothings better than seeing the real thing live and in action.

 This is totally cute for only $11.00! I love this! Its super sleek and summer. These long dresses can never go out of style...

 This fuchsia top is very pretty, Im a fan of Rose in sheer (no lesbian fantasies intended) because it looks super good on her skin tone. It always makes her look super spring and fresh..$8.00 for this is pretty insane...
 How simple and cute? We all need at least one all white cardigan in our closets right? Rose loves cardigans...Im not sure if its because she likes how they look on top of other tops or she just loves looking like a naughty librarian...Great price!


Some how Rose seems to find the best looking peplums. And hell no I am not over the peplum craze and the world ain't either. You can not turn your head away from peplum outfits theses days and there are so many to chose from!
The best thing about this peplum is the fact it looks super nautical. And usually when its spring and sunny, you think of sail boats and white pants. This shirt is super Hamptons and sailor chic! I want this! We need to see this on her!

Like what you see?
You guys can follow her or watch her on Youtube to see all her purchases, I promise its a must see to believe...


~The Hot Mess Edition~
The Best Celebrity Fashion On Hot messes 

Guilty Pleasure fashionable celebrities? In a Celebrity group, you can always find a tacky offender. So celebs just cant get it right no matter how much money they own. Some of these chicks are drug addicts and bipolar snobs but sometimes they hit the mark when it comes to being a fashionista. Here are my top celebrity best dressed hot messes from five to one. 

5.) Paris Hilton
 Paris gets number five for best dressed hot mess. She tends to wear the most corniest things but you cant help but admire them. Sometimes she nails it and other times she loses. Is she considered a hot mess? Why of course she is! Running around being a serial dater and being a huge snob took its toll. Minus her great shoes game and hand bags I'll let it go..

4.) Snookie
 Snooki can be a hot mess. She wears leopard over leopard, wears fur boots and trucker hats, but I have to admit sometimes Snooki be killing it with her shoe game and dresses. Sometimes I feel because of her contract with Jersery Shore she has to look a mess given the show (which ended) but its still her character being a guedette...

3.) Courtney Love
 Okay don't judge me man. I love love love Courtney Love so much!Yes she is a druggie mess but she can dress when she puts her mind to it. She kind of rocks Betsey Johnson looks and boho dream style. I adore it. Plus when she cleans up, SHE CLEANS UP! Courtney's style is pretty dope, check her out if you want, I swear, she does not disappoint.

2.) Amanda Bynes

I love her style! Besides her being weird and bipolar, plus claiming on Twitter she wants Drake to murder her vagina, I have been feeling her looks. Yeah..I feel like a totally weirdo given this chick fashion pluses, well....if you have a guilty pleasure song, this is my guilty pleasure fashioniesta. I don't want to like her style but I do...
Also this chick is beyond smacked on crack, but she looks bad ass to me..and I love the cheek piercings

1.) Lindsay Lohan

We all know this hot mess is number one. Lindsay is pretty screwed up but her closet is not. Her trial dates are a must see because the chick walks in slaying the runway, in cuffs! She looks great and dresses awesome. She needs help and needs to lay off the knife but man her fashion game is insane. Who does not like the way Lindsay dresses? The nest looks are street fashion and court fashion. From ripped emo boho look to the sweet cardigan easter color dresses, she nails it every time.
Best dressed hotmess!

Miley Miley Miley

You are a bold face liar if you do not think Miley Cyrus is killing the fashion world right now. I have been a fan of Miley's look before she chopped off her hair and bleached it out. This chick went punk and hipster all in a year and I love it. It makes it even better the fact she was Hannah Montana. Now she is this vixen showing her butt crack on V Magazine! I love her bad ass-ness and her unapologetic ways. She is tailing Rihanna and Rih Rih is my ultimate fashionista! Miley can do no wrong these days, but check out her spread in V Magazine.

Im all about ELLE Magazine these days given the fact I have a subscription thanks to Rose! I read it it all day. Im hoping she will be on ELLE soon so I can read the article. 

She is giving me Rihanna hard in this one. Rihanna Miley is gaining on you girl. The sad part about it all is at the MET Gala she looked a hot ass mess. She was on a roll. But hey, we all got our mishaps. You will see what I mean once you hit the bottom of the blog... 

Mohwak Miley:
Im all about the hair. If I was a bit skinnier and I mean ALOT skinnier I would rock this hairstyle! Maybe I will. I do not see me really chopping my dreads off though. Im super lazy now and want nothing to do with my hair so Im gonna stick to the locs...

~Willow and Jaden Smith~
 How bad ass are these kids. I love them. And the older they grow the more bad ass they become. How can you be so young and in style? Willow is my favorite. They look just like both parents. I adore them. 

~Selena Gomez~
 Floral pants is a weakness. Anything with flowers on it makes me happy. I love this look so much. Selena Gomez has a innocent look most of the time and its nice to see her come out her shell..

~Gwenith Paltrow~
 One of the prettiest dresses I have seen this week, she should have wore this to the Gala! This is so pretty and I love the sheer and dark green...BEAUTIFUL DRESS!

 You know it must be nice being Solange Knowles. You do nothing in the industry but be Beyonce's little sister and you dress up in high fashion clothes and just go to parties and become a fashion icon. Damn that must be nice. No shade, but Solange aint really doing to much. I mean yeah the music thing but...lets be honest, she is not her sister and always will be compared to her sister...And shes not a huge singer so...she kinda is just here to eb..Beyonce's fashionable sister...and Im cool with that...lol!

 Im so pissed that her and Chris Brown broke up yet again! What the hell. Such a bummer. I love them together. They really need to figure this shit out. I mean, come the fuck on. I think they belong together. Ugh, I hate seeing him and Karruche back out and about. GO back to Rihanna Chris DAMN! And Rihanna stop being big and bad when it comes to love, you love him! Gah! So many rants, so little time. Either way, Rihanna killed it on her Diamonds tour and is killing now..with her street style as always..

~Tamar Braxton, and Tia & Tamera Mowry~
 Kim Kardashian please take notes cause Tamar is showing how preggo girl should rock clothes! Tamar Braxton (Toni Braxtons lil sis) is preggo and is killing it right now! I love her style! She is here with Tia and Tamara working the nude shows in this Mommy photo-shoot! Too cute!

~2013 MET GALA~

This years MET Gala was pretty dope! I saw looks that looked terrible but yet I still loved it. Women brought their game faces here and tried all sorts of looks and murdered the red carpet. Some looks were a bit dull and some were over the top, but there was not one outfit that was not "fashionable". Everyone had a look, and it worked for them. Of course I have my top best looks and I have my "egh, not so cute" looks on this list but to be honest everybody BRUNG the heat to this Gala! Best fashion by far!

 Im not denying that she doesn't look a hot freaking mess right now but ladies come on, she is almost fifty years old and she can pull this off?! You gotta give props to Madonna for staying, well...Madonna. Her body is insane and the fact she is pushing 50 is pretty fucking awesome. I have no clue why I like this, but I do!

~Miley Cyrus~
 Miley what the fudge are you wearing? I dedicated most of my Celebrity Candy to you and this is how you repay me? You look terrible. Like something out of the early 90's. This is pretty bad, and Miley is my girl theses days, but girl...this is horrible.

~Nicki Minaj~
 *Sigh* Im not sure what I feel about Nicki anymore. Every time I see her she is either bashing Mariah Carey or wigging out on reporters. Can someone say "full of themselves"? Nicki looks like someone that should not even be there. She looks like a joke. Like someone fucked up and gave her the wrong invite and she showed up...and that chinese tattoo on her arm is just ugh. Nicki this is ugly. 

~Emma Watson~
 Emma is known for her fashion these days especially with gowns. But this one just did not do it for me. It was okay but I guess I expected more. I mean come on people its the Gala, rock something different and odd, yet beautiful! I feel you got to stand out with an event like this or you will just get swallowed up...

~Nicole Ritchie~
 I totally love this. How odd does she look. This is what Im talking about. This works! I love it. She bleached out her hair and looks totally elegant/alien-amazing! Im feeling this. For some reason this one is one of my favorite looks on the carpet. Because its different and she went there! Kudos for Nicole!

~Kirsten Stewart~
 To be honest I do not really like this, then an hour later I find myself liking it. Maybe its because its on a female I kinda can not stand. But Im liking the fact its not a dress and the color is different. She looks great, I can't lie. I just can't put my finger on it as to why this look kinda irks me. But all shade aside, this outfit is beautiful..
 ~Anne Hathaway~
 God Bless America! Anne Hathaway killed it! She looks super hot! Blonde hair! Bold makeup, this chick really went there! I love the fact Anne looks super innocent all the time whether its in a movie or in person, and she took a chance to really "wurk" it. It does not even look like her! This is very sexy and Im sure I would not like this dress on anyone but her...its challenging.. Sexiest woman of the night hands down..

What is this? Do you like this? I mean, seriously. I don't get it. Bey, really? Last year you rocked the most beautiful all black dress at the Gala and then you wore a pony tail with it. Now this year your wearing...what the fuck is this. You are Beyonce, THE Beyonce. Why is Solange showing you up? This not bad but its just not, her. I do not know this just sucks. Its kinda, shall I say "hood". I don't know. This is awful to me and BEYONCE CHANGE YOUR HAIR! Girl bye! There is black, amber, ash copper, autumn black, jet ebony...GET A NEW COLOR GIRL! Like Bey come on girl.. you make to much money for this bull...

~Jessica Biel~
 Now this is what I am talking about. Jessica killed it. Ain't this different. I love this! One of my favorite looks of the night. I love the material of the dress. Super cute! Kirsten Stewart could rock this for sure. 

Taylor Swift
 I love me some Taylor Swift. Im all about her new sexy look. And lets face it, the girl is super pretty, I love when she plays hot vixen instead of innocent country starlet all the time. And she is giving me that right now! Love it!

 Rooney Mara is what fashion is. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo star killed it on the red carpet. She really always gives your face and fashion. Whether she is in the street or on the carpet she murders it every time. This dress is so beautiful to me. Their is something about dark hair, smokey eyes, dark lips and then a light angelic dress, its so different and eye catching. Almost a contradiction. Rooney is my best dressed at the Gala for sure...

Welp you guys I hoped you enjoyed reading!
I have not forgotten about this blog, I write every moment I can and thanks for ya'll support!
Mwah Love you guys!

Im suppose to be going thrifting next weekend, hopefully I find some good finds!!
I'll let you know!


  1. I don't know where to begin, so I'll just say, I completely enjoyed reading this post!! I especially loved the pics of the artwork, and your lil momma's pose!?!?! C'mon now!! She killt it!! So cute!

  2. I love your military jacket, so super cute! I actually like Beyonce's dress a lot, what I don't like is the matching boots and gloves that just don't seem to go.