Monday, November 19, 2012

The Wild One: Sick & Pretty

What's up you all! This weekend was pretty awesome for me. I got cured from a cold and got to get out of the house. How I caught a cold, I have no idea. Something must be going around. The best part is my daughter did not catch anything. I was pretty bad. I kept it simple this weekend since I just got back on my feet. On a usual day I would rock this shirt with some all black shiny leggings and some knee high biker boots. But given my cold/flu aftermath and the massive bloat-tation I felt in my body, I stuck to jeans and sandals. This is my favorite shirt right now. I find myself pairing it over and over again every time I wear it.

I caught a bad cold over the weekend. Last week I started coughing hard and my throat felt like sand paper. It was the worst. Not only does it suck to be sick over all, it really sucks when you have a zillion things to do and have a horrible cold on your hands. Last week was terrible. Sleep was even worst. Plus being a stay at home Mom makes it even harder to just snuggle up in my room to watch movies all day and drink OJ. Pretty much the odds were not in my favor. Around Saturday the cough broke up and I started to feel 100% better. I guzzled orange juice all weekend and was overdosing on Cough Syrup something fierce. It was the most quickest cold I think I ever had. As long as its gone.

So this whole leopard, double-headed animal shirts have been everywhere for awhile. When I saw the shirt Im rocking in these pictures I instantly thought of this trend. Rihanna and Kanye are most famously known for rocking animal mesh shirts on the street. I love it! 

So I found this shirt at Norstroms Rack. I love this shirt. Its sheer, its racy and it has leopard print on it. The material of the shirt is the best part. It gives kind of a sneak peak through the shirt that I love which makes it risky. It was 24.99 and I was willing to pay more. Ugh, I love it. I know I know, its pushing it but I knew I had to have it. Its a 2xl by the way. On a non-sick day I would have paired this up very funky with leggings and a head wrap. But bare with me! My body is in instant recovery! I still loved the way it looked on.

~ On the Hanger ~

 ~My Recovery Weekend~

Besides coughing up a lung, this Saturday I went to a Ocean art show. Pretty awesome stuff. Im a huge art person so really enjoyed myself. I went to Solana Beach near the Design District. Great shops are over there. Farmers Market open shop around that area as well. The whole family went and toured the Gallery and also went into all the expensive non-affordable shops that they had to offer. 

The art gallery was awesome. The cool part about galleries are the fact they change every few months, and there is always a new artist featured. This guys art was pretty dope. All photography, all ocean, all nature at its best. Great shots! The coolest part was the fact that most of the pictures were beaches in California. Pretty darn awesome...

Me, getting swallowed by a wave in the Gallery..

Beach shots from Hawaii, California and Thailand

The Booski liked the Gallery as well, we pushed her around the room and she loved it!

His work was beautiful, almost calming and erratic at the same time..

The Farmers Market getting ready..

A plus size couture shop that was ridiculously priced, and not that cute...seriously..

beautiful shoppes in Solona Beach, CA

This amethyst stone was 899.99....figures..

Living life beautiful like Marilyn...

~Bestie Rose Fox~
Birthday Cake
Rose's Birthday is tomorrow! I sent her some awesome goodies from my favorite store Norstroms Rack. Rose is a sucker for her perfect eye brows so I thought I would pick her up a nice NYX eyebrow kit! Also some really yummy lip glosses! Ugh! I miss her. There is a difference between good friends and best friends. Good friends you enjoy with anywhere...the club, the lounge, the movies, or the mall. But a best friend you enjoy the little things like just chillen in the house watching dumb shows. Those are the best times. So happy birthday to my best friend! Hope you have an amazing day babes!

Rosie's Hubby luvie got her this amazing Michael Korrs bag! Nothing is better than a man knowing his homework! Beautiful bag! She got it when she got home from work!

Rose texting me a picture of her receiving my gift I sent!

Love that Rose is rocking the scarf look these days. Love her little bun...

 Im loving the scarf..

Rose has me hooked on Sinful Colors. The polish is pretty damn awesome. Lovely color for the holiday season. Very dark and autumn colored. 

~Celebrity Candy~
 Im officially a lesbian. Rihanna, where ever you are, you are the truth. Rih is sick. I love the fact she is the black Madonna these days. She is risky, crazy and full of life. Im all about it. I love that tattoo. I know this has nothing to do with fashion right now but I love her tats and her body! Wurk Boo! Show Chris Breezy you mean business!
 *nip slip*

At the GQ Party Rih held her own in an all red number and red lippy. How hawt is she? Love the fact she changes it up every chance she gets. Love that the skirt is flirty and short. Simple but perfect.

Bey doing her thing in this Solange inspired outfit. So Bey decided to get a tumblr. Love that she is posting her fashion choices. Love the shades even more, but Bey can we step away from the blonde one day?

~ Miley Cyrus~
Killing it in all black. I love that hair..


Her personality is dryer than a piece of toast but someone stepped there fashion game way up. Home girl bought a stylist with that Twilight money. Kirsten is known for her raggedy tees and skinny jeans with converse but not these days. She rocks the tousled hair with fierce shoes and blouses now.

By the way, yes Im a huge Twilight fan but I did not feel as pumped to see the movie this year. I don't know..her cheating on Rob turned me the fuck off.. I pay good money to that damn Twilight franchise, and if I ask if you two are dating again then someone needs to answer my black ass! Ugh! I hate denial...
(sorry, this was a personal problem..)

Kstew killed it in this outfit. This bitch slayed! Its so risky and hot, she looks epic! Some might hate this but I love it! Her hair even looks good with this!

The back is the best...killem girl..

I like how now that she has been outed for being a cheating whore bag, now she wears these crazy sexy it! I am all about bad girl Kirsten..

So apparently Rob and her are back together..ughh....girl bye...*rolls eyes*

~Lady Gaga~
Thicker Than A Snicka~

So word out on the street is Lady Gaga is getting fat. I heard it. Have not seen it. And then bam! Its all over the internet. When I first heard it I did not believe it because lets be honest, everyone thinks a size six is fat let alone a 12 or 13. So when I saw the pictures I noticed she was a hell of alot thicker, but it was obvious that "love" took over.

When I saw Gaga I thought to myself, first thing, "She must have found a man". Not that us women get fatter cause we meet a dude. But when your happy and dating that can put a few pounds on your booty. And sure enough, Lady Gaga does have a serious boyfriend right now. How "loves" her new curves. It is a very different look on her. But I can tell she is happy. 

Her she is with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney who is fucking hawt! I mean wow! Lucky Gaga. Ga Ga keep eating them chicken wings girl, if he likes it, I love it.

Here is her man right now. I'd F$#@%...

Alright you guys! Love ya'll! Hope you enjoyed reading!

Live. Laugh. Love.


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  2. Im in love with the animal shirt trend! i need to rock my stuff!

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better. Have a great Thanksgiving