Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pulling The Collar: Rose & I Bargain Hunting

Guess who's back to the blogging board. I don't even know where to start. Plenty has happened. For one, Rose my bestie finally came down to see me! It took over a year of us trying to meet up with each other and it finally came through. Rose drove from Las Vegas to San Diego. Not a bad drive. It was surreal seeing her. Her husband came as well, who is my husbands best friend. So we all had a greta Halloween together as a family. Of course Rose and her hubby are the official Aunt and Uncle. So Im glad they made an effort to be in the Boobooski's life. 

I'll speak more about Rose's visit here in a few. Right now we can get on with the fashion. Outfit of the week is certainly kinda bad ass this time. I stated that Im all about collars this year. Its the it thing for everyone whether its on dresses or on actual button down blouse. I went to Hot Topic about three months ago and these collar necklaces that were about 12.99. But of course, they could not fit my neck. Whomp whomp. Next thing you know I found a adjustable collar necklace that was 7.99! Of course Rose was there for the deal, I think Rose has discount fairy dust or something. So anyway, I got the necklace and all its spiky glory.

~My Inspiration~
These collars are bad ass. My last post was about the studded collar as well. You know me, anything with any shiny studs come home in a shopping bag. Check it out:

When rocking bold jewelry like this I try to keep it simple. The bells and whistles are already in the necklace. I paired the collar necklace up with all black everything Jay Z style. And of course, a nice "Solange styled" head wrap and some bold red lip colors. Shoes are leopard print loafers courtesy of my Bestie Rose.
This all black is making me look super slim. You gotta love black. 

Top: Marshalls 12.99
Pants: Torrid 29.99
Shoes: A gift from Rose, maybe ten dollars
Necklace: Pink Zone 7.99

The crazy part about getting this collar was it was at a store I never go too. I went inside because Rose wanted to check them out. Mind you I lived by this store (in the mall) for five years and never thought to go inside. I went crazy over all the collar necklaces that they had! Hot Topic wanted more and the collars were not as busy and bold. Im glad It did not fit. 

Love the spikes! Love the spikes! Great necklace, and only 7.99..

Love these collar necklaces I need more..

Thanks Rozay! Rose came through with these awesome shoes..And its a size 11!

Here is the shirt that I had for awhile. Love this shirt and never wore it. It sat in the closet with the tag. Hence why I still remember the price. The sleeves are roses, black roses. Or maybe just floral-esk fluff.
Im a sucker for sleeves. The ruffles sold me.

Close up of the sleeve:

~My Weeks~
With Friends

Halloween was awesome, having Rose here made it a success. Booski got to see her Godparents, and Greg and I both got to see our best friends. I was so anxious to shop with my girl, its been forever. We all went trick or treating. We went to the beach. Our buddies also cooked dinner. Great week of fun that was well needed. Check out the pictures of us having a good ole time.

Here is the table set Rose and her hubby got the Booski for her birthday that past. Very sweet!

Booski with her Aunt Rose on the beach of Oceanside, CA..and yes she is rocking Crocs.

 Rose letting Booski play with the Ipad! Hope she has insurance..

Fun times!

Rose's Hubby as Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead and Rose as Freddy Kruger..

One two Freddies coming for you...

Great times. It moved me having my best friend with my child. It was almost unreal. Im glad Booski has an Aunt like this in her life. I want her to go to Rose for anything, if she can't go to me..
Alright, enough with the deep talks..

~Miss Rose Sweatshirt~

Rose is one of those chicks who always get attached to a certain look and then changes the style the next season. Whether its cargo pants, cardigans, or even, well.. sweatshirts. Right now Roses thang is the cool, calm, collective sweatshirt. Which is pretty hot right now. Im all about them myself. Long sleeved shirts with a very cotton thick texture. They look warm but they are not that toasty. Perfect look for the weather these days over her in So Cal. In her suitcase had sweatshirts of all calibers. Loved it on her.

~Check out Rose's Inspiration~

There is something awesome about these sweat shirts, especially the over sized ones. The more sloppy the better.

Bald Eagle sweatshirt and Thunder Luv from H&M with a washed out grey tint..

~Shopping With Rose~
Confessions of A Vampire Bargain Hunter

Rose rocking Peanuts on the beach. Charlie Brown sweatshirt with denim jeans..And of course huge shades. 

Rose rocking her mint colored sweatshirt with the a gold heart. She paired it with some washed out jeans and weaved flats. We were at Tuesday Morning, the department store.

Rose found these amazing shoes that she said she was gonna buy about two weeks ago. The best part is I have never even scene this type of color with these shoes! I never seen neon. The color scheme is bad ass. Rose had to but them and I told her if she did not buy them she was insane. The great thing is we saw many more as we shopped around during the week, some where black and some were a burnt orange and brown. But these were the best hands down. I love that these look like Kanye's shoes with a heel.

Us at F21

Another sweatshirt Rose rocked. From Ross of course. I seen one my size for about 12.99
We are in TJ Maxx in this picture..

Rose went inside Pac Sun, a place I never go. The clearance rack in there was amazing! There was shirts for two dollars. Dress for three dollars. I was very impressed. Rose was not going to buy the dress she found in Pac Sun that was two dollars, so I made her. I mean who passes a two dollar dress that fits well? It could have had juice stains on it, its coming with me!

Here is the two dollar dress. Im not even kidding! She killed it. She was unsure about it but that collar made it.

Neon sheer that would rock hard with the neon shoes..

Nice peach color at Pac Sun, this came up to $10.00. The collar look was insane there. Too bad they did not have 2XL..

Rose is gonna show me how she pairs these shoes soon! Stay tuned. 

~Celebrity Candy~

Im not a huge fan of KStew given her terrible interviewing skills and non-personality. Also the whole "I cheated on Robert Pattinson" thing does not help her cold image. But I have to admit Kristen has swag. There is something about her. Maybe its her demeanor. But lately her style closet has been giving  my head a turn. She is the tom boy who wears boy shorts and all white tees. But when she cleans up she is a fox.

My fashion icon, I bow to her! Love this outfit because its hardcore in many ways. The boots make it super sexy..

damn them shades

Selena Gomez
The huge leopard pants and the sheer shirt is super bad ass. Love the boots with the outfit..

Kim K
Kanye does a body good. Or should I say style. Love this skirt. Her body is what makes this look lets be honest. The gold belt and shoes are insane

Ginnifer Goodwin
Once Upon A Time star rocks a feather skirt and sheer blouse, my God she looks good. She dresses like a BOSS AND I LOVE IT! Need that feather skirt!

Love the bangs..and the shoes are pretty cute!

Amber Rose
The hottest preggo ever! She dyed her hair black and is rocking that bloody red lippy. How stunning is she. I never seen Pregnancy rocked so well.

Lauren Conrad
Love the leopard blouse and the vintage Chanel bag..

 Leah Michelle
nuff said

So on the music seen, Im ready for Lana Del Rey to come out with her new Born To Die paradise edition album. Im stoked because the first one was insane! If you love Frank Sinatra or then again, Nancy Sinatra with a bit of "gangsta-fused" sounds, this is your girl. Her voice is haunting and her songs tell a story. Very American girl, apple pie, blue jeans type music. Im so excited to download it.

Welp, this is the end of the road!
More next week!
Thanks for reading peeps! Mwah!


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