Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Autumn Sun & Summer Silks: A Happy Thanksgiving!

 I hate my nose ring. Im so fucking over it. I got my nose pierced about awhile ago and it now has a bump on the side of it that just will not go away. I admit I don't wash it like I should, I mean, I really don't. But why do I have to clean it every five minutes?! I guess Im only to blame. Im thinking about taking it out but then again, I love it, I just hate the side bump. Its not infected which is weird. There is no puss or anything gross coming out, it does not even hurt. Ugh, I hate it. I had gotten a nose ring when I was 18 and kept it in for year until I got to California. Oddly enough I missed it and got it back, and now Im regretting it cold heartily. Ill keep trying to work with it as much as I can. I hate seeing people with there nose rings looking perfect and then theres me...the "bump" woman. Ugh, as you can see its messing with me...lets get to the fashion..

So where do I start? Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday. I sure did. I pretty much kept it simple this year. This outfit Im rocking is super fall colors right now. I got this shirt at Everything 5.99 Store, my favorite store ever. It was about ten dollars and I had to get it because the material was just flawless. Im kinda getting into silk shirts, and not just the button down kind. I loved the bat winged arms and the warm fall colors, it oozed holiday for me. I kept it cute with some red lippy and some skinny jeans. Loved it! Very autumn. The shirt feels great on. Very light and flowing like all my shirts. Love the muted grey and yellow. Very colorful. This shirt is a 3xl actually. It fits amazing! I thought I would rock my hair our and about and show off my blonde roots. I think Ima go brighter...

Im digging silk shirts! Something about silk is kinda sophisticated and sexy at the same time. And the shiny feel also helps it out as well! And the best part of a silk shirt is all the colors it can have. I have a feeling silk shirts will be coming back "in" fashion a lot sooner than you think.

Kourtney K. with a basic button down silk shirt which is kinda boring but not so bad, given the bad ass purse and red lips. 

More Shots:

The sleeves are the best part of this outfit I mean c'mon! its very transparent unlike the shirt and it works...Not bad for only 9.99 right?


~ Making Up~
I have always been pretty open about my makeup of choice. Right now Loreal is doing the damn thing. That red lipstuck thats 24 hours is the bomb.com like seriously. Its almost like marker red, thats how bright it is! And love me some red on some chocolate skin! And I love it even more on lighter skin! Rose's dumb ass won't go brighter than a damn glass of merlot but oh well she will get there one day. As for me? Brighter the better baby!

Loreal Beyonce Edition Red Lippy! Get it!

Here is the shirt on the hanger:
The 5.99 Store also had other colors of this shirt. I went with this because of the warm coolers but they had others. Very nice to rock on a date or just going to the mall. You can dress this up or down and I love when a shirt gives you options like that.

~Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend~

Oh by the way our downstairs neighbors hate us. Like seriously. Okay I might be a little dramatic but I can tell they hate us. One came and knocked on the door and said we were being "too loud" and he was "trying to be nice" and not "report" us. I think its the fact Greg and I chase after Kylie all the time. Maybe thats what they are hearing. I don't know. Thats apartment life, deal with it or move out. Right? Either way, other than having neighbors that want us sniped...they holidays were pretty damn sweet!

My Holiday was filled with good eating. I slaved in front of a hot stove and called a catering service and got some food made! Ha! The best way to do it. I did not lift a finger. The funny thing about it is I totally forgot about thanksgiving this year! Rose had to remind me actually to call the restaurant I usually order from this time of year. We spent every single day in the house except Saturday. We had Starz (the channel with all the best movies, if you ask me) which we watched for the whole weekend. Of course by Monday Starz was gone and we have to call a 800 number in order to get it back, but Im not paying for that...kiss my ass.

Besides watching movies and sitting around we did go to Moonlite beach which is one of my favorite beaches to go to in San Diego. The water was perfect and the weather was actually kinda warm. I know, some holiday weather right? We went to the park so the little one can run crazy on the playground. The Booski likes to kiss everyone and its pretty awkward when she runs up to kids and kisses them..kinda hard to explain that. She is a sweetie pie though. She enjoyed herself. I took off her tights and shoes when we walked to the sand, and let her run a muck. 

Booski running wild on the beach, trying to catch up with her these days are insane! Im slow! She is fast as lighting. Love that little ass kicker!

Kid parks and there rules. Great time!

Here is the park that seems to be Booski's favorite these days given the open grass area, the beach is behind the park..

Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, CA

swallowed by the sea

Greg being Daddy Daycare..

Now as for Thanksgiving, Im from Maryland and my folks are from South Carolina.. I "KNOW" bbq! I literally "KNOW" southern cooking. Its in my blood. Since moving to California I have not had my Dads famous pigs feet and my Moms famous fried chicken. But when I taste the real deal, I am sold! Here in California theres a place in SoCal called Felix BBQ and man its the truth! The food is down south, even the sweet tea is bad ass! They have fried fish, black eyed peas, yams, collards, everything you can think of! So I ordered Thanksgiving at Felix and brought it home, and man was it good!

oh god! yum! I even tried the fried green tomatoes which was to die for!

Thats only half of the food...

 While waiting for the order we put in Jazz was playing in the corner...nice..

Not only did we eat great, we did take Booski out for Christmas Shopping. We took her to the toy store and let her run around and check out the scenery. She did have a top favorite.

 I swear this chick grew up so fast. Like, this was no joke when they say the baby years fly. She is a little woman now. She does her thing and goes where she wants to go. Im proud of her. She is very busy these days. I can never find the remote or my keys because Kylie takes them. The other night Greg and I looked for an hour for the Apple TV remote and later found it in her crib while she was sleeping. Sneaky girl, we eventually tied a ribbon on it so when she takes it we can relocate it again. Love her to death.
One thing is very true about having children. We'll for some. 
When a baby is born, a mother is born.

~!!!Rose Goez Pop!!!~

So a little birdie aka Rose whispered in my ear about this new collection NARS is rocking these days. Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artist, and NARS is making a collection glorified to him. Ugh I want it. Rose told me it cost a bundle. The makeup looks so great! I want to do swatches but I know damn well I do not need another palette. Sephora has the collection right now. Ugh! Love the colors! I really want it but the price I hear there selling this for is not happening. Ebay it is! Rose will get this collection practically free.

 Check out the collection below:

~Much Needed Street Chic~
I miss street chic. I use to always sit around on my Macbook and Tumble on Tumblr the street chic fashion online. Love the street chic! Theres so much out there that I either want and cant afford it or to thick to fit it. Either way, I have my top looks right now. Theres to many to mention. But here is my top looks that I love. Wurk!

1.) The Plush Blushed Shoulders
Im in love with big shoulders, whether its shoulder pads or embellishments, Im so not over that. Im all about the powder puffed shoulder flounce. I would rock the shit out this outfit. Something about this dress is romantic yet bubble gum pop! Love it. I want! I want! 

2.) Beige & Engaged
I love the jacket. Im all about all the muted colors that are not all the same colors but works!. Its layered as well and the beanie makes it look extra hobo, but chic hobo. If you ask me, the grey shirt makes it. Great shades of colors...

3.) Hobo With Loafs
I love this look because the loafers are studded out and the dress is oversized which is unheard of. Love the shades and the sleeves. Bad ass. Simple and original.

4.) All Black & Sheer My Dear
The fact that she is rocking an average grey shirt and an average all black jean jacket with this sheer elegant dress, ugh! Love this! She kills it even more with the belt. Love this and I hate the fact I can find my damn size in this skirt!

5.) Motor Jacket & Verses
I love the ridges in this jacket, its simply perfect. Love the converse with this...

 6.) Cream Of Leopard
Turquoise necklace, big leopard pants and hot black heels. Perfection! I need pants like this. 

 ~Celebrity Candy~

That Kardashian reign just wont let up. Kendall Jenner is rocking Vogue hard this month. Yes, she is the sister of Kim Kardashian and she is starting to go the model route. Kris Jenner sure knows how to make pretty ass kids. She is the prettiest one if you ask me. She is gorge. Her fashion isn't as bad ass as her sister Kourtney but she is kinda up there. Love her style!

 Alicia Keys
Alicia is killing it. Her body is right! Love her but not her music these days, her voice is kinda not the same. I dunno. But I love her curves and this outfit. The lipstick is a little dull but Im feeling it still. The shoes are super awesome with this as well.

Gwen Stefani
I noticed that Gwen is rocking black and white a lot lately. She rocking red lips which is a winner. Love this look so much. And does Gwen age?! 

Nicole Ritchie
I am in love with these shoes! Ugh! Jealous!

 Angela Simmons
LOVE HER! Im in love with the shoes and the leather shirt. The makeup is flawless.. I need this!

This is horrible...I never thought I would see the day Rihanna looks a mess... Rihanna, really? Girl bye...don't lose your sexy because Chris is back in the building..get out that sack and show them goods boo...

Kendall Jenner
Again, here is Kendall looking super boho in these awesome pants! Love this! Need these pants..

 Ginnifer Goodwin
Love her so much. Love the blush color. Love the design. She always murders it..

Miley Cyrus
The real deal, love her. Just look..

 Kourtney Kardashian
The queen of fashion of all the Kardashians...

 Shay Mitchell

Killem with the shades! Ima need her to change that hair color please...but her look is flawless...as usual
 Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
Stay Sexy

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  1. Love the shirt and your baby's houndstooth jacket and hat, sooo cute! I feel you about the nose ring too. I used to have mine pierced and had later on got a job that didn't allow any facial piercings so I had to take it out everyday before going to work. One day I ended up tearing the inside of my nostril trying to get the damn thing out and ended up with a hug bubble on the inside. Needless to say it was over after that!

  2. your daughter is so adorable. Also you top is super cute

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