Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fifty Shades Of Sweatshirts: Karla Remake & Pencil Skirtz

Its about 4:30 in the morning right now. One of those nights you cant sleep. The first thing I did was take a piss and then sat on the couch and turned on my On Demand to watch The Bad Girls Club. I then looked over to my Macbook and grabbed it immediately. It was time to blog. I want to go back to sleep but I will do that later, but either way I have to hurry up given the fact I can't sleep when the sky is transitioning from night to day. Its pretty weird but I cant sleep when the sky is changing.

I thought I would post my weekend outfit. I was heavily inspired by one of my favorite bloggers. Then again, she is everyones favorite blogger. Karla's Closet was my second to favorite blog next to Young, Fat and Fabulous. Karla is certainly not even close to my physique and I usually favor blogs that cater to thicker women. But Karla's Closet is so good, you look past the fact she is a a billion sizes lower than yourself. I came across her blog and noticed she has been rocking "the sweat shirt with skirts" trend that has been going on for awhile. Its a twist between tomboy and sexy secretary and the combination is just stunning. Im a huge fan of matching different materials and different looks. Especially when it involves combining two styles that has nothing to do with each other.


Karla rocked this Nike Apparel sweatshirt with an all black pencil skirt that was glued to her body. I simply jumped when I saw this and immediately wanted to give it a go. I knew I was not going to be even close to looking the way Karla looked but I decided to give it a good try. I loved the way she paired jewelry with this sweatshirt and even rocked a pair of pumps with the look. So far I never seen this done by anybody. Maybe she was not the first to attack this look. But she did slay the competition.

Random picture of street style...Pencil skirt with sweat shirts...

I do remember Rihanna rocking her whole sporty chic look. Many people say she started the trend with her bold outfit choices that consists of boy gear and baggy shorts, she even rocked sweat pants with heels as well. 

The shades are insane. But here, yet again is Rihanna working the street with a long shirt and sweat shirt. 

For some reason there is nothing like pencil skirt. Its almost like a little black dress. Im sure every girl owns one. The best part about pencil skirts is the fact it smooths out your curves, not matter what size it is. It hugs the hips and thighs . I knew immediately I had to find one or eventually get one,

~My Look~
So here I am rocking my version of Karla's look. I was not trying to nail it exactly but I think I got the look almost instantly. The sweat shirt is over size, I made sure get a 2XL so it could fall off my shoudlers. The best part about this shirt is the back. The back of the shirt was the real reason why I bought it. Thank goodness it cooled down around here, because otherwise I would be burning up in the heat. But it stayed cool. Lucky me. Someone prayed for a cooler week and it worked.

Booski and me. Sometimes I look at these pictures and get a bit overwhelmed. Its insane how a newborn can turn into a toddler. Your so use to them sleeping every 5 mins and not being able to move or crawl. You remember everything. I look at her now, as she walks and runs on the playground. Its weird I made her. I always think its weird I created a person. I adore this woman.

~More Shops Below~

Pin Up Girl Bandana: $1.00 at Walmart
Skirt: Target for 15.99
Shirt: Ross for 10.99
Earrings: Everything 5.99 Store for the ear rings

On hanger

Here is the back of the shirt. 

I also rocked the pencil the regular way with some pumps and a smile. This whole outfit is from Target. I saw this shirt and loved it because of the sheer in the back. I think I would have liked it more if the sheer was in the front as well. But either was I caught it on sale for 8 dollars and some change, add California tax you got what I paid for it. There is nothing like a pencil skirt.

Heres the shirts Front:

Here is the shirts Back:

Earrings 99 cents

~My October Weekend~
My life consists of parks and kid fun which is pretty awesome. There are so many parks around here. They are all usually beach parks. Usually me and the hubsters google parks and just show up to them. Random I agree. Since the little one has this urge to run around, the park is her favorite place to go. She is now running all over the place, opening cabinets, screaming loud and being a toddler. Now that a year has passed I have to say being a Mother is not a hard job. It just comes with the territory. I always thought I would be ripping my hair out or screaming "why!" every five minutes but thats not the case. All is very rewarding and Im feeling the path my life is headed. Sometimes I do long for some help. Im alone with no grandma around. So my job is 24/7, with no days off. Its always long days, but Im getting better at it everyday. I have finally learned how to multitask..

Greg and Booski walking around a downtown San Diego park that was near the water..

We also went back to the Bates Nut Farm to do some of the activities, she enjoyed a nice hayride and a corn maze. She had a good time I hope..

Riding dirty on the hay

They even had rock climbing

Booski running around in the maze.. She fell about 8 times out there..

 Oh and Greg and I's favorite TV show came back on (The Walking Dead) so you know I had to celebrate the premiere of the zombie show with..zombie cupcakes 

Greg eating eye balls..

Piggy backing In the Park

Here is the video I made for our October fun. If you want to see everybody in action you can press play. Love Halloween Time! Its the season of the witch for sure.


~Girls With Curves~
Im always looking for blogs that cater to my size and curvy women, Not just for accepting body imagine but for fashionable outfits. I find some but there always "okay" or don't feature much curvy looks. So the other day I was on my Facebook and I saw on a favorite bloggers Facebook page this website called "Girls With Curves". The pictures are stunning and the fashion is amazeballs and great for inspiration. Many might already have heard of this site but Im just finding it out thanks to my girl Kiah who posted the site on her FB Fan page! No matter what size you are you gottta check out this site..

I am all about Kiah's Facebook Page, check her out, her updates are amazing just as she is.. Here is her link!

Check out the Fierceness Here:

~Celebrity Candy~

So what if I have a thing for Rihanna. I love her. You will never see me not posting Rihanna. I think she is so relatable. Her music is good and so is her "fuck it" personality. I adore her and admire her "bad ass-ness". She is damn near perfect. She did this spread for Vogue which will be her third time, I think, posing for the front cover. She got the pixie cut back and she is looking to die for.

Usually I don't download her albums but I just might have to for this one. I love her new songs "Diamonds". Matter of fact its my ringtone right now. I love her music and I think Im trying to make myself "not" like her music given its so pop. But I can't deny my love for her singles. I have loved everything from We Found Love down to Cockiness. Her music is amazing and I can't fight it..Her album cover is beyond fierce...


More Rihanna with her Street Style:

 I was going to feature Solange as the beginning of Celebrity Candy but Rihanna took her spot with that bad ass Vogue cover. Solange killed this cover as well. Of course as usual she is rocking her afrocentric style. 

Amber "very preggo" Rose

I have never seen a pregnant lady look this cute before, I think she is beating Beyonce's preggo style. I love that she still dresses stylish and not even conservative stylish. She still rocks polka dots and bleached hair. Amber slayed it.

Miley Cyrus
 I don't think there is anything I don't like about her...

Kate Bosworth
 That skirt is super cute and I love the top, this whole outfit is sick.

Gwen Stefani
 Gwen looking fierce in a meshed back shirt and boyfriend cuffed jeans. Love it.

Jessica Alba

Zoe Kravitz
 Her vintage style is super cute. I love the shoes as well. Floral is the best. Im loving the belt as well.

 THANK YOU KANYE! You answered my prayers! You finally got Kim K to actually dress cute. This is so Kanye's choosing. Its a damn shame that Kim K makes all that money and can't dress. I love this outfit, its the best she every looked.

Rumor Willis
 I had no idea that Demi Moore and Bruce Willis's daughter looked so bad ass. I love her style, and these pictures are just scratching the surface..

Welp thats all for today. Hopefully you enjoyed everything. Love ya'll!
~live fast, play hard~


  1. I really like the sweatshirt/pencil skirt look. You rocked it well.

    Parks & playgrounds are a life saver! My son is 7 years old, and he has nothing but energy to burn, so I understand where you're coming from. Although I live in Minnesota, and the weather will be turning to FREEZING soon, we're getting in as many outings as possibe.

    Between Kiah & Taneisha (Girl with Curves), I am always in curvy girl heaven. Those two are awesome!

  2. Love both outfits. You daughter is getting so big.

  3. Your outfits are so darn cute!! Love the pictures love! and Kiah is awesome LIKE YOU!! Both of you are FIERCE to me! CHOOOOOOOOW!!!

  4. OMG your blog is just GAH...I LOVE IT! You have the best post ever! Your sweatshirt is UBER DOPE! I died! You rocked this look like a pro. We used to take Makayla to the park all the time because she was like a little energizer bunny and we had to let her tire out. lol Your girl is just so cute and the photos of daughter & daddy are precious. It's cooling down a bit here but I can' wait until it's "FUR" cold! haha Thank you so much for the love and reference. Taneisha (Girl w/Curves is a freaking beauty queen! GORG! You are just the coolest chic eva! Love you girl. Kiah

  5. Followed back! That sweatshirt is awesome! Love your blog!
    xo Emily

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