Monday, July 23, 2012

The Electric Corvette: Livin Kylifornication

The funny thing is, Im kinda obsessed with the color orange. Not only am I wearing it so much these days, but Im spending majority of my time listening to the Channel Orange album from Frank Ocean. If you have not heard of Frank, Im sure deep down some where, you heard about him. Im all about Odd Future. This kinda strange rap group of the new age. Well, apart of that group is Frank Ocean who just recently came out the closet. I am bumping the crap out this album. Of course my Mac starts to act crazy and I can't hear it this morning but I will be getting those songs back on my playlist. Great album. The best song is Bad Religion if you ask me. Its beyond a love song. Its the most tragic love song I have heard, honestly, ever. Its about Frank asking the Taxi driver to leave the meter running for some one on one consulting about his unrequited love for a man. Crazy right? Think about, whether your for the gays or not... that has to suck. Frank apparently fell in love with a straight guy who has a girlfriend and moans the lyrics "I can never make him love me, love me.." I mean, c'mon. Women who write unrequited love song are great and so are the ones written by a straight man for a woman. But for a homosexual to be in love with someone who could never love them back.. Thats beyond the "friend zone", its just a tragic heart full of no album I have heard in awhile, hands down.
Im done my music rant for now...On to Outfit Of The Weekend

I already spoke my truth about bold bright colors. Anything solid orange, purple or even grey for that matter. I also have been falling in love with muted colors with a bold pop of color somewhere in the outfit, even if its just a simple clutch. Im just all about solid colors, whether its bold or pastel. 

So I seen this awesome shirt about a week ago in TJ Maxx. For some reason the TJ Maxx around here is super awesome. Better than all the department stores I go too. Im always finding something cute in clearance, every time. Never a dull moment. But this time, I did not buy this shirt on clearance. How I wish I could say I did, but no, I payed full price for this. Don't judge me! I had to have it! It was 16.99. I know! Kinda much! But trust me, if we were shopping together you would have told me "Tia, thats a must!" It fits great and the colors are beyond beautiful, The camera gives it no justice.

On hanger:

Also while in TJ Maxx I came across these awesome capri pants. Solid orange. Not just any orange, bright orange. Since buying them I think I have wore them in several different ways. The pants were the only thing on clearance. Ten bucks. Couldn't beat that. They were coming with me. And as for the shoes, well..look at them. Ross, 12.99. Need I say more. The colors are beautiful. 

All together I loved it. It all fitted great. My favorite pop is that neon green. Best shoes ever by the way. There easy to slip on and off, and thats the kinda girl I am. I never thought I would find shoes like these without a heal. Glad I found them!

More Below:

 Top: TJ Maxx 16.99
Bottoms: TJ Maxx 10.00
Shoes: Ross 12.99
Bag: Target 5.98

Im not sure if you can see, but you can kinda see how sheer it is. I love how it is made and Im kinda falling into the sheer trend like everyone else, in my own way. That type of fabric has been hard to find in my size. But Im sure I'll find something like it. Im so starting to fall in love with sheer...

I also wore this shirt several different ways. I should post something like that. Me remixing the same shirt over and over, I do it all the time. I think I just might. We shall see..
Now on to the weekend...

The Weekend In Kylifornia

Best weekend I had in a long time. And I mean long time. I found deals everywhere I went and usually that does not happen when I have money to spend. Great deals at Everything 5.99 Store, Great deals at TJ Maxx, and even great deals at Walmart. Since Im over "rip off" nail polish..*cough cough Essie* I have been looking at cheap nail polish for sale. Usually me and my comrade Rosie would be sitting on the floor picking out our favorite colors, but this time I has to do it alone. Great prices on polishes! The most was 2 bucks a pop. And very nice colors at that!

I kinda went insane as you see from all this polish! I did not know where to start or finish! By the way, my feelings on expensive nail polish is pretty vivid. I really do not see the big deal on Essie. Maybe its the color we are buying, and not the quality. I have to admit its hard finding Essie colors beyond the brand.

 only 2.49!

We went to the park on the beach this weekend to get the Boobooski some air. I know, she can't slide down slides just yet, but she did have a blast in the swings. We are gonna take her here more often. She had a ball.

Surf mania

There is always events going on in Oceanside especially around the summer time. Greg of course found a vender selling big fruit icies. Luckily they took card. The hot dog stand didn't. I wanted that hot dog of course..

Coastal Highways

Greg getting his sweet treat made

Turned out pretty yummy..

Boobooski met a boyfriend at the beach park..they were giving each other googly eyes. It was pretty cute. I guess that was her first boyfriend. He was cute. Nice taste Booski..tee hee
Of course Greg was not having it.

Greg and his mini me chillen

Saying she loved the swing is such a understatement....

 Getting the feet wet.

I spy

She had a blast, we are so going again..

Rose (The BFF)
Saying Yes To Another Dress...

My Rosie now resides in Las Vegas, like I said before. I have not seen her yet, but surely very soon. Her hubby has a celebration for his promotion at the end of the month and Rose has to find "the look" for the event. Its suppose to be casual, but not extremely prissy. She emailed me some looks that she was going for. And her picks were very very hard to chose from..

1.)Stripped Zebra Look:

Umm, Im sooo loving this. The curves are super duper hitting with this dress and Im all about accessing curves. I like this. The back has to be the best part. Is this good for a promotion party? Im not sure, but i think this could be a semi-winner.

2. Conservative Clash Look:

How bout them shoes?! I love this. This would be great for the party. I love the color, the blue is super cute and the shoes give it that extra "umf" to it. Is this too safe? Im liking this, its conservative and you can't go wrong with that if your going out with your hubbys friends and mates. Possible winner?

Floral Finesse Look:

 Love love love this! How cute is this? I adore this dress. I mean yes, its safe, and no very sexy-fied. But how wonderful would this look at a casual event. I love the red. I think this one is my winner. Plus that chic black belt is making it even more cuter!

This one is the winner if you ask me. 
 Miss her

~Celebrity Candiez~

Im gonna do a quick celebrity candy this time. I seem to have enough pictures of my life and Rose's outfit to clutter up this post. The celebs were looking amaze this week, of course Rih Rih and Miley were my favorites last week. Im all about Frank Ocean right now, so excuse the obsession. Check out the fab celebs I was digging..

Mary Kate
 How bad ass is her shoes? I love them. Something about platforms. They are so coming back, in a good way..

Miley Cyrus
 I am all about Miley's style. I seen these shades on one of my favorite blogs I think. From The Rez To The City (my girl Kiah) has these pair of divalious shades! I would not be surprised if she did, she is beyond fierce...
Love them shades so much!

Angela Simmons
 Who ever she is with..I want her skirt. Tribal tribal tribal. Love it all. I love how her outfit has pockets!

Kim Kardashian
 I love when people pair nudes to any dress. It almost looks like your shoeless. Beautiful. Love the dress, even if its just a shot from the back.


Fresh from her Grandmas funeral Rih decided to catch some sun. Love that bag that everyone seems to have besides me. I need a bag like that. Fast. Love the shoes.

Alicia Keys (cut her hair!)
 I love this look so much! I love hair even more. Very mature and sexy. I love when women start chopping off the locs..! Love her outfit..

Rita Ora
 Bows to Rita Oras stylist. I am feeling Jordans and skirts..

Anne Hathaway
 Gurl Work.

 Someone was in Solanges closet. Love this. 

Love ya'll! Thanks for reading...


  1. Love that top

  2. Okkkk… let me see where I begin:

    1) You look great… loving the color combo!!!! Look like fun family time… the little one is adorable!!!!

    2) Your BFF Rose dresses are stunning

    3) I am digging Rihanna neck piece!

    4) Alicia Keys hair is GROWN & SEXY!

    5) Beyonce can do NO wrong in my Eyes… Love her! LOL!

    6) Dance, Dance, Dance… That last pic is PRICELESS!!!!


  3. Ok, so I've been lurking FOREVER it seems! LOL Actually, I just figured out what my blogger email was - I've had the blogger account forever and stopped using it, so I kinda forgot it but since I've found so many great blogs I want to comment on...I tried hard to remember it and did! LOL

    Anyway, just gotta tell you that I LOVE your blog! It is so crazy cool! Your daughter is the cutest! I think Rose should go with the last dress posted. I think it's really cute and casual. I'm a nail polish girl - I have tons, but have to say that Essie is my least favorite (granted I only have 2 bottles), but I don't care for either of them, I don't like the formula.

  4. Like those green sandals..i need neon in my life!! And rompers, rompers rompers, I could live in a romper or jumpsuit, so comfy!!

  5. I need that neon green purse! I definitely think it's the colors of Essie. I've learned that you need to apply 3 coats of any Essie color. My nail tech actually hates using Essie nail polish because it's so thin. Moving along though... Alicia Keys is giving it with that new hair cut!

  6. OH GOD, I have to back track, back track, back track because your ass has just been simply fabulous these past few weeks. SMH. I definitely been slacking and missing you like i don't know what! Your outfit is amazing. Those colors, that neon pop of green, the orange capris, everything is just hitting it.

    Look at my girl Boodamama... she is getting so big. She is too beautiful! She has the most beautiful smile. She makes me want to have a baby (well maybe. almost. Do I really want to start all over?!) Good job Tia and Greg! Fabulous genes!

    I love Rose's last dress... like you said the belt just makes it perfect. That seems just right, the length, the fit, the print is just gorgeous. Definitely a wifey dress for sure. GO WITH THE LAST ONE, ROSE!!

  7. That Bad Religion song gets me too!! My other favorites on the CD are Pyramids and Super Rich Kids. I'm loving the additions of neon in your outfit.

  8. Okay so I am always lurking on your blog girl. But today I will make a comment. You look amazing. I love your neon shoes. Girl you should not worry about being tall in heels. Im six feet and I wear six inch heels! I am loving your baby girl, her eyes are haunting. You better have more! I have been following you for awhile. As for Rose, I love her. Tell her she has to go with the red flower dress. Very becoming.
    Much love from Berlin.

  9. im so in love with that top! i need it in my life!

  10. You look GORG in that outfit! That top with the belt is beyond fab! Yes, I do have those shades Miley has on! Thanks for the shout out Boo! haha I want those neon green heels! Are those Louboutin's? Let me know, ok! Your little boobooski is just adorable and Rose looks amaze in that striped dress. I want a flipping snow cone NOW! lol Alicia is looking super dope with her new cut. Bey looks better with all that wild un-natural blonde hair out of her face. I love the braids! Kiah

  11. I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I will come again for sure If you want we could follow each other? If you want just follow me and send me your link on and I will follow you immediately

  12. Love how colorful and fun your outfit is! and Bey is so cute with her funky look, lookin like Solange lol! Thanks for the love on my blog :)


  13. You outfit is super cute. I have never try essie nail polish.

  14. There was so much to love about this post! Nail polish, Frank Ocean, all the dresses and that cute babygirl! Oh, and Bey is def all up in her sister's closet right now!

  15. I love orange too and you wear it well. The blouse, capri's are super cute. I also love love love the beach. Very cute family you have! Thanks for stopping by.

  16. I love your blog ... kisses.
    Visit and follow ...

  17. Y'know what, Moya2Bean? You really need to be aware of the fact that you dress sooooo much better than most of the celebs you post pictures doesn't mean good taste, ok? You also dress better than your bff Rose, sorry, I know you love her, and that's fine. And yes, the red and white flowered dress is the winner!!! Love your blog. JB