Monday, July 16, 2012

Sugar Sweet Scoops Of Safari: Family & Fun

Wow what a week. I think I am addicted to blogging because I was going through some mad withdraws. My mom has officially left the building. Man what a week. Back to back Moms in and out the house. I can not lie, It feels amazing to have my place back. Greg and I put on Vampire Diaries on netflix, got some Carne Asada fries and ate like pigs. No guest, no parents, just Greg and the little one. Moms are great. I enjoyed the company. My Mom was fun to be around, even though I found myself rolling my eyes here and there.. like usual. But I am super glad that she came for a week and spent some quality time with me. In-laws are the best. After spending a week with Greg's Mom I see why Greg (the hubby) is so relaxed and calm about things. And as for Greg, he can see from just a week with my Mom why I was so spaz-o-riffic. You are a product of your living , so they say. But overall we had a blast. 

So given the fact my Mom was here with me, I had a great time shopping majority of her stay. My Mom is a shopaholic. I have a pride issues so I did not let her buy all my outfits, but she did chip in on a pair of shoes! I will show them next week. I love them! But while I was on my dates with Greg I happened to enter a small mini Walmart in Carlsbad and saw these dresses in the front. I never seen these before, not even at the Walmart down the street from me. The cool part about the dress is that it was only 13 bucks. Who would have thought? And you know the tribal sold me. They had sizes from large all the way to 4XL. I fell in love with the color of the dress as well. I got another similar dress that was behind it for the same price. Needless to say, I have a lot of post coming up...

Its no secret that Tribal is "in". I went into this amazing store called Urban Outfitters (my Moms favorite store) and saw bundles of things that made me drool. I have heard of Urban Outfitters but when do I ever go to the mall these days? I went inside and my mouth literally dropped. The prices were, ugh, interesting. But the clothes were pretty cute and tribal printed. My Mom is a size 10, very petite. So all the clothes in their fit pretty decent. We went into other stores and saw other tribal looks. We finally got the hint that this is a trend for right now. I give it to my Mom, the fact she has always been into the tribal look since I WAS BORN! So basically she had a ball shopping. Given her taste was practically everywhere.


Here is the dress on the hanger. How cute. I loved the colors. It matches my hair. It needed a belt so I went in my dresser and found my gold belt from Torrid and wrapped it around. Looked great. The best about these dresses is you can dress it up or dress it down. I could easily put on some leggings and flats or rock it as what it is and put on some short wedges. I thought it would be really cute with a tattered jean jacket, but Im never in luck for one of those...

More shots below:

Dress: Walmart
Necklace: F21
Shoes: Ross
Bracelet: Everything 5.99

The Little Things:

I went to my store the other day. I think it was Friday. But either way I got some jewelry from The 5.99 Store. As usual, everything is a dollar if its earrings or bracelets. My Mom went in with me and hated the jewelry. I felt she would given the fact my Mom pays a bundle for her jewelry. But minus her disgust, I bought this pretty cool bracelet cuff. Thought it would match the entire look.

Over the course of the week I finally purchased Essie nail polish. 
They were on sale at Ulta. But man. I really was kinda, I dunno, disappointed. Im not to sure what I was expecting. Fireworks maybe? Its 8 bucks originally at any department store. I got them onsale for four and they kinda, suck. No shade on Essie, but, what is the big damn deal? They work just like my Wet N Wild nail polish that was 1.99! Maybe its me. Does anyone see the quality difference? Rose (my bff) sent me a mint color that I have featured on this blog many of times, and that is my best and most favorite polish, and it just so happens to be Wet N Wild! I DON'T see the difference with Essie. Great colors, but nothing else is spectacular...

My bestie Rose sent me a picture of some Essies (beautiful colors) that she purchased while in her new hone of Las Vegas. When I get the chance Im going to ask her if she sees a difference. Maybe she does? I had a huge debate with a friend from my last college in California and she things CVS makeup is just as good as MAC...
I beg to differ... but each his own? *Kanye shrug*

I also purchased this awesome bag for about 9 dollars at Target. I loathe Target. Not bad right? Of course the colors dragged me in. I had some extra mula this week given my Mom purchasing everything for my little one. I had a bit of money to splurge for once. Whoop whoop.

~Mother Of Mine~

So many of you already know about my Mom. She lives in Maryland, she loves afro-centric jewerly..yadda yadda yadda. So she was rocking this really cute top before she left. My Mom gets a lot of her stuff made and out of boutiques. Anything odd or different, she buys it. She will never admit that she is a shopping addict but I will keep her secret. 

My Mom found these beautiful Michael Kors shades at TJ Maxx for only twenty dollars! They were super fly! you can't get the total bad-assness from the shades unless you saw them in person. They were very chic. My Mom said she wanted The Devil Wears Prada flair with these shades, welp, she got it.

Michael Kors Shades:

Star Fish Ring:
Oh how i wanted this ring so bad! But it did not fit! Ugh, I have a starfish fetish...

My Mom ( Week 2)

So basically my second week with my Mom went like this, shopping, shopping and sushi bars. You can't get better than that. I once again had to take my Mac to get an update. It was in dying need of one.  I took my Mom out every single day. I for some reason have car issues, I seem to panic when I have people in the car with me. I hate that. But during the week we had a blast running around and shopping about. During the night hours, Greg and I would run the streets.

Greg and My Mom

My daughter, getting attention like always from everyone..

waiting to be scene by Mac peeps...again

Mom cooking fried chicken and doing dishes...

chilling in Oceanside, CA

During the night hours Greg and I went to the movies, dancing, and to some nice strip clubs. C'mon, we all know Strip clubs have the best music. Plus, I love strippers, they are fun to talk too. Plus I get the latest on the best perfumes and lotion. We went to two that night which was fun. One stripper was shocked to see that we were married. Tee hee. Im like a guy sometimes, I guess. Some chicks like football, well...I like strippers...

We made it rain...about forty bucks, got some lapdances and then left...tee hee!

We came home around 2:30. Had Dennys after the club. Man, I had no drinks and felt super hanged over the next morning. I don't drink that much because I hate the after effects. Im not use to partying like I use too. The crazy part was at Denny's we talked about our kid the whole time. We are sooo parents these days.

~Celebrity Candiez~

I showed my Moms Chris Browns penis on the internet. My Mom loves Chris Brown. She loves his music and I think she has a cougar crush on him. So I thought I would show her his ding dong. When I showed her she said and I quote.."At least he had some dick to show.."
Miss you Mom...

Kirsten Stewart
 Comic Con is big here in downtown San Diego. So Kirsten was their looking pretty, I dunno average. I am loving the whole girls wearing jordans and then rocking skirts with it, making it cutesy. I should have went but, egh. I dunno. Whomp whomp.

 Love it.

Naya Rivera
 God I love this outfit! The shoes are amazing! You know I love neon and bold colors, especially yellow! The whole look is cute. Love it. Again, she is at Comic Con. Maybe I should have went...

Amber Rose
 I hear she is preggie with Wiz's baby... that wide dress aint helping rumors.

Miley Cyrus

Zoe Kravitz 

Anne Hathaway
 Love her pixie cut! How cute! Love the flats..

Ashlee Simpson
 Love her shoes. And I love the sweater! I guess stars are in..

Rachel Zoe
 UMM? Can you say Mom swag???

Kat Von D
 I need those shoes. I love her style so much. I need to start wearing leg warmers...

Taylor Momsen
 love the shoes and the bag..*died*

Thanks for reading you guys..
Since I got my place back you will see more of me. Love ya'll! Mwah!

 *live life and love it*


  1. love ur dress cute look

  2. cute dress and your little girl is adorable :)

  3. Your relationship with your mom sounds just like mom...I was dying laughing when you made the comment about rolling your eyes, because I feel the same way. I love her to pieces, but lord can that lady drive me CRAZY!! That dress is really cute, the other day when I was in Walmart I noticed they had a ton of cute dresses, so maybe they are trying to step up their game.

  4. You're so right! Moms are fantastic! I will be seeing mine this weekend. I'm excited to see her, and so are my kids, but lawd knows I can only take so much of her at a time. LOL!!

    You're moms is too cute! Love her style! Very cute dress as well. The fit on you is perfect.

  5. Love your dress. Your mom is rocking that shirt. I do believe you and your mother are much alike my sweet friend! ;-) Your little one grows more beautiful each post! My daughter was just in Vegas with my grandma and aunt. We go at least once a year. Maybe I will get to meet Rose someday! Kiah

  6. oh you're tribal dress looks HAWT!! looks pretty on you! thank you for following my blog, your blog is amazing! I'm following yours too ;)

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    I love the dress on you! Xo

  8. I see here a lot of expression and character, I like!

  9. The dress is 100% you... you are rocking it. The belt and turquoise necklace is hot with that dress! Your mom is beautiful and she is killing it with her ruffle sleeves and Afrijewels! I love authentic hand crafted African jewelry. I have a few pieces that weren't very cheap (like $25-$35), but I'm afraid to wear them because I think I will lose them.

    The strip club is nice from time to time, I agree about talking to them and tipping playfully! I think it's probably a relief to them to see girls in the club with their men.

    My girl Boobooski is growing up before our eyes. I can't thank you enough for sharing your baby girl with us. She is an amazing little human being, it's so cool to see her being a tiny little person.