Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beauty & The Beach Bumz

So, I made a disclaimer video saying that I was not gonna post this week. Then I decided, fuck it. Im posting this week. My Mommy in-law is here but I need to squeeze in some blog time. Its starting to become strange when I don't blog. I get antsy and really jumpy. I love expressing myself. My fashion and my thoughts. So, anyway. As you read, my Mac is alive! Thanks to Calvin at the Apple store. It was not that expensive to fix. They wiped out the battery because I literally "blew" the energy out. Basically, I used it way too much. I do use my laptop like, everyday. Not only that I needed a new Mac charger. Thanks to my best friend, she sent me a E-Bay used charger and got it for cheap. Where would I be without my Rosie. So in the end, my Mac lived and I did not have to chop off an arm or a leg. My Mommy In-law will be living on Saturday, but then my Mom comes that sunday. So its back to back Grandmas coming in and out of my house. Im enjoying the company!

So of course Happy Fourth to you all!
My hubbies birthday was July 4th as well. How lucky is it for him, he gets fireworks on his birthday every year! He turned 29 yesterday. He was pretty coy about it. He feels old. I guess I would too. He was pretty stoked his Mom came and visited. I was pretty happy as well given the fact I actually get along with my in-laws. She is pretty dope!

On the fashion front, I was more at the beach then I was anywhere else. When you live in California the first place people wanna go is the beach. Greg's Mom had plans to tour California and all it had to offer. Its her first time here. She of course was shocked that it was very cool and not as hot. She loved the fact she could get wine practically anywhere. Also, she loved walking the beach and getting her feet wet. Plus this was her first time meeting my daughter. So over all she was pretty happy. My Mom sent me a beach cover up and I been rocking it all this week. Its pretty stylish and I love the tassels.

Okay, okay, I know this is not fashion. We'll, it kind of is. Nothing is more fun than beach wear. Some people rock sarongs or hoodies. Target has a great selection of bikini cover ups for good prices. My Mom bought this at TJ Maxx. Its a 1x and fits wonderfully. I might wear it out as an outfit. I added the belt and of course, a tribal bag. It feels wonderful on! Of course, its all black. My Mom knows me well. I know I should have rocked some color for the beach but screw that. Black is my best friend. 

Beach Cover Up: TJ Maxx 19.99
Belt: Torrid
Shoes: Body Central
Bag: Old Navy

Here is the cover up on the hanger. When I first saw it I thought it was just "okay". Then I tried it on! Loved it. Thanks again to my Mom! She certainly knows my style.


 Going to the beach was a recurring thing. I never get in the water these days. Even when I tell myself that I will. I end up being that girl on the towel trying to stay dry. I know, Im no fun. But at least I looked the part. Its very boho yet very western almost. My bathing suit was under it, even though I did not dare go in the water...


Close up of Bag:

~The Beach Bumz~

I thought I would show you guys the pictures of all of us together. His Mom is beyond awesome. I always here nightmare stories about mother in-laws but she so breaks the bar. She enjoyed her self. Tomorrow is her last day, then again Saturday is. The week flew by so fast. The best part about Greg's Mom? One, she is a scorpio. For some reason scorpio women and I seem to mesh well. Second, she loves horror movies. Third, she likes makeup and trends. Need I say more? I will be sad seeing her go.

Downtown Oceanside Pier and Harbor:

The hubby celebrated his birthday at Joe's Crab Shack: Nice bib Greg...

Greg's Mom and him eating crabs, the food was awesome:

Me and the Baby hugging it out at the table:

Greg's birthday slice:

The instant bond they had was chemical and warmed the heart. How bout that outfit my baby is rocking. She rocked the stars and stripes well..

Oceanside, Ca aka The Californians

So, they have something called Beach lame is that?

The Booski Bear catching some fun in the sun:

~My Best Friend Dazzling~

Rose is now officially in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is in the midst of finding a job and getting her husbands apartment "woman proofed". Rose and I hardly speak given me having parental guest everyday and she enjoying the new love in her life. I miss her. We barely talk. We write quick love letters (texts) to each other saying we miss the other one even more. I have not seen her in a while. Its weighing on me a bit. But this is life right? We all have different paths.

She saw some fireworks near her apartment complex. 

Outside of Rose news is her shoe game. If your a frequent reader you already know Rose is crazy over shoes. I noticed that she is becoming more and more into wedge heels. She knows how to pick them. She ordered some great shoes off Shoe Dazzle and winded up with these babies. Beautiful shoes. Check out all her Shoe Dazzle purchases:

Blushing Pink Wedges

Lilac Lavender Pump:

Tri-blue Tribal Wedge

Cinnamon Brown Wedge:

~Beach Wear~
The Wish list

Im so on a bathing suit cover up kick. I am all about it. Im thinking about buying more. Many of these pictures influenced me to get one. I know I should be bold and try a colorful cover up but Im not sure. 

1.) The Colorful Cover

2.) The Black Sheer Skirt

3.) Ripped Tee Cover up

4.) Fringed Cowgirl

~Celebrity Candy~

Is it safe to say that Kim Kardashian is pretty stunning. The upsetting part bout is that is she already knows it. Im not a big fan of hers or her dating habits. Or the fact she faked a wedding. Its not about that. But looks in general she is pretty damn gorgeous. Man it pisses me off that I am starting to like her.  I noticed that her fashion game stepped up. She is the new Amber Rose eye candy. 

Kim Kardashian

I love the all black dress with the shoulder decoration. She slayed this look big time.
When you date Kanye Im guessing you have to look the part. Loving her shoes on the bottom.
Warning, major curves ahead.

Ashlee Simpson

Rita Ora
 I hate to say this but Rita Ora is growing on me. I still think she snatched every item Rihanna wore and it trying to dress  her, Just Saying.

Demi Lovato

Beyonce, Solange & Family

If you don;t watch Pretty Little Liars you are missing some amazing fashion for the eye. Yes, its a tv show and its gained towards teens, but I love it. The style for each girl is super cute. I thought I would share what they have been wearing lately. And the cool part is its "somewhat" affordable. Depending on what your Bank Account looks like...

check out the fashion:

In Music News:

So, Frank Ocean from Odd Future (rap group) has announced he is gay. I was pretty shocked when I found this out. Who knew? He took to his Tumblr and wrote a letter to his fans on Independence Day stating he was in love with a man. I could not believe it. Im honestly was proud of him. I was just saying the other day how it will take years for a black rapper to be openly gay and still work in Hollywood. His strength is remarkable. He was so strong. I admire that. I couldn't do that at all.

Love you guys! Hope you all had a Happy Fourth!
(for the good times)


  1. LOVE this post!! Your cover-up is too cute! Living in Minnesota, I don't get to spend much time at the beach, so I'm kind of jealous of you. lol! I'm into wedges too, and Rose picked some really cute ones!

    I can't with the Kardashian family. I just can't figure out what any of them do, except for walk around and look nice. I guess that's enough, huh? I would if I could... I think.

    Frank Ocean is AMAZEBALLS!! I am so proud of him. I hope he inspires young people everywhere to be who they are.

  2. Looks like you guys had an amazing 4th. Those are the best kind that make wonderful memories. Your daughter is getting so big and cuter everytime I see a new picture!! Looks like you guys are very happy and that is so great to see!!!

  3. Looks like an amazing 4th and you look like your on a runway!! Gorgeous!!

  4. OMG! Baby girl is soooo freakin' cute!! That swim suit cover up is cute. I thought it was a dress until you mentioned otherwise.

    Nique {}