Monday, August 6, 2012

Its A Sheer Thing: Photography & Lady In Red

Life has been speeding by like a railroad train. Last week I was never, and I mean never home. Whether it was getting up with old friends or running around tryna renew my license I honestly don't know where to start. Ugh, what a week. I have not watched my Kardashians and I been trying to call my mom daily so she won't freak out and think Im in a ditch (oh yes, she thinks that way, my worry wart mother). When the week was over I was more than stoked. Since being a Mom and wife life has picked up a bit. I am so use to just turning on my radio and maybe sketching some drawings and going to a college class or two. Now, my life is busier and more filled. Im getting use to it. There is always something to do or buy. Gotta hold the fort down, especially when you have a family. I don't even know why Im explaining this, people with families no this all too well. 

Wednesday when I was out and about with a friend I saw this amazing shirt. Well, at least to me it was amazing. The best part about this shirt was the fact it was sheer. Im all about sheer. And finding sheer in my size is damn near impossible. And if your around my size and your finding sheer item? Holla at me and tell me where you are going! I can never find any!

So the number one thing I love doing is mixing prints and making them look risky. I love combining floral with leather or lace with spikes. Something about that is super awesome and chic. So when I purchased this shirt I had many plans for it. I did not want to rock the typical skirt with this. I love the pockets as well. The pictures don't give it justice I swear! Im being honest, its much more flowing and sheer but the flash was on. Given the flash you cant see the sheerness in all its beauty, but trust me, it was gorgeous.

(My shirt is no where near as fab as these shirts but you can see where I was going with this)

Okay so these are more couture and I damn sure don't have couture money. But there I was at Everything 5.99 Store and there she was for ten buck. Pretty cool. I would love a button up blouse, but of course I have no seen one. I would DIE if I could find one in mint! Oh my goodness I would die! But I think next time to bring out more of the sheerness I might wear a all white tank under it or some type of camisole. 

Here is the shirt on the hanger and with the flash turned off on my camera.
Beautiful right? Over the weekend the weather was cloudy and dark so flash was needed. But the light in my bed room kinda gave it justice. Its very soft and it doesn't feel cheap on. Very soft. I am so in love with the pockets. Im a surely going to rock a all white tank under this next time. Love it.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Ten dollars. Came with me quickly...

Shirt: Everything 5.99 2XL
Pants: Torrid Source Of Wisdom
Earrings: Everything 5.99 (one dollar)
Shoes: Thrift Store 
Purse: The Closet (in Oceanside)

(Sheer back) 

Love this sheer! Does anyone know where more sheer shirts and skirts are? Of course I seen skirts but just not my size. Very sexy. Love this shirt to death. Im gonna dress this up like crazy. I took off the flash for this picture so you can kinda see the sheer feel it has.

So of course, later on I rocked washed out jeans with this shirt. I even threw on a sea shell necklace which was cute and minty. 

I only get my jewelry from one place. Everything 5.99 store. Its cheap and a dollar. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, all a dollar. The mint color made me buy it.

And Im in love with this nail polish! Im all about Wet N Wild. Like I said, Im over Essie and all these rip off nail polishes. Wet N Wild is just as good, too me. My opinion. This color I use alll the time. Rose shipped this color to me awhile ago and I can't get enough of it.

~Its A Sheer Thing~

So Im on the search for this damn blouse. I am sure I have to get off my bum and order one online. Im so in love with this look! Ugh! And it has to have pockets. Im all about pockets. I wanna pair it with some ripped jeans and a neon funky belt. Ugh I need more sheer! And it sucks because I see it everywhere! Love it. I am on the search peoples!

(Spencer from Pretty Little Liars)

Now I need this chicks number ASAP! Love this!

~My Weekend~

To some up my weekend. I. Did. Not. Do. Shit. 
Nothing. I sat around and watched movies all weekend and ate chinese food and drank soda. My week was so full I did not want to do anything. And California weather was perfect for this! It was cloudy (of course no rain, it only pours in December). Oh it was wonderful. Greg (the hubbers) and I played "Name That Movie" where we re-enacted movies we have seen and we had to guess what movie it was. This random game became epic and even more dramatic when we would act out the scenes. In one scene I drew on the closet wall with lipstick for greg to guess what movie was "imitating". I was doing Planet Of The Apes, the part where the monkey Caesar draws on the wall his window from his home. It was super fun. I know we sound like dorks, but lets be honest, we are. I went nowhere and this was one of the funniest weekends in awhile!

We also forgot our anniversary was like, last Monday. Pretty strange given the fact last sunday we went to the Cheesecake Factory and bought apple products. We celebrated and didn't even know!
Life gets busy! Six years married. All together..??? plus marriage...ten or eleven years. Doesn't feel like it at all.

The Boobooski was in her room tearing up her room as usual. She had her Ipad playing Sleeping Beauty and Greg was blowing up her ball.

Don't let the butterfly clips fool you...

~Trying Photography~

I love photography. It has become my second love next to drawing. Its becoming a passion. I have read up on some books on photo-manipulation and have been trying it out. I love taking pictures, obviously, this blog is proof. But I love the art side of it even more. I was looking at some art shows coming up in San Diego and I think I might can catch one this coming September. So for now, since Im not a pro. I have been practicing on flowers in my house. I am a weirdo and I love keeping dead flowers. Morbid, I know. But I think dead flowers are beyond beautiful. I love the way they freeze up when they, well..die.
I use these flowers I saved from Mothers Day. Just regular flowers right? We'll, I tried playing with them and made them my little project. Yeah this has been done, but it never gets old..

Check out my results:

 All these are dead. Beautiful right?! Next, I'll try live flowers.

~Rose In Red~

So Rosie's Hubby got his class over and done with. He passed of course! Duh, I saw that coming. I guess you can say I feel positive energies. She sent me this cute outfit and I thought I would share. Of course the crazy woman named the email "fat in red". Hot mess. She looks superb. Love the shoes. I wish I was a size 11 or 12. Hell! Or even 13! Im working pretty well right now with these thighs! Hahaha! She looks great! Her weekend was full of partying Im sure! Given the Hubbo passed his class and got a promotion how could you not party hard? Tee hee! Love her.

I wonder where her pictures from the ceremony are? I'll spank her for them later...

~Celebrity Candy~

Celebrity fashion is always on point. I got a comment saying that the celebs I post don't dress all that well and only look good because they pay stylist to dress them. They might have a point. But If thats the case I am in love with the stylist! I am all about celebs, even when I was a kid I use to make my Dad buy me US Weekly at the Grocery store. Its just my thing. Im a celeb slut, can't help it! Hahaha!

Keyshia Cole
 This outfit is insane. I mean, where do I begin. The shoes are pretty awesome. I love this. Im not even sure why. Im loving it.

Adrienne Bailon 
 Does anyone watch Empire Girls on Style? Love her show. I love her style and she always looks fierce. She is stunning.

Miley Cyrus
 Recently engaged Miley rocking a skirt I freaking need.

Selena Gomez
 You better work Selena. Love the hot pants and the pumps. Whos from Disney? Love it! Taylor Swift needs lesson Selena! Help her out!

Ashley Benson
 Washed out pants and Jeffery C's. Love it. Simple and perfect, with a hint of bad ass.

Lindsay Lohan
 This hot mess looks amazing. Yeah shes a coke whore, but at least her shopping is fierce..

Carey M.
 Im feeling this look. Its sexy and vintage and Im all about the shades, super cute and need that bag!

Willow Smith
 Im guessing Willow Smith channels a child inside of me. I love everything she wears but I can't wear it, I mean, Im 27. But in my days, this would be me for sure.

Vanessa H.
 This chick is under rated. I had no idea what a fashion monster she is. Love the hot shorts and the boots. She is the queen of hippie.

* just died *

 Rihanna rolling with Oprah. I can not wait for that episode to air. Love her. You can't really see her dress but hey, it Rihanna.

 Kendal & Kylie
 Hate to say it but Kris Jenner can make some beautiful kids. Beautiful girls. The youngest sisters of the  Kardashian Klan. Love the fishtail.

Im still on my Frank Ocean kick. When Im taking photos, Frank Ocean is on. When Im driving, Frank Ocean is on. When Im playing with my daughter, Frank Ocean is on. I love him. His album soothes me. PLEASE BUY IT PEOPLE!

Why see the world when you got the beach?
I said Why see the world, when you got the beach...
The Sweet life
-Frank Ocean

*preach Frankie*


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    WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY till 7th August!!!Come and win!

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