Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Naked Nude Truth: Sheer & Loving It

If I explained everything that happened in the past week I think my head would literally explode. I have no clue where to start. All is well. Nothing bad as happened really. My little bestie Rose was suppose to come visit me last weekend but it turned out to be a no-go. Ugh! Talk about a bummer and 2 day depression. So last weekend her and her husband were gonna drive down to visit me and the hubbers. Something came up where they had to postpone. Ugh, I was crushed. I have not seen her in damn near almost a year and in our lives thats literally "unheard" of. So of course, she is gonna come down to see me a bit later. Right now, my sister in law is coming down from Maryland with my daughter cousins (Im the only child, can't give her cousins so...this is all she gets..lol). Im still tryna see exactly when they are visiting. They have twins and flying across the USA is not just a walk in a part with two kids Im sure. So Im still waiting on the word of when they are coming. What else is going on? What isn't going on. I signed up for these yoga classes with two friends, I side-swiped my car door by accident, I still yet to get my new California drivers license, oh by the way, did I mention I have a 1 year old? She is not one yet but Moms know what that means.. life's on high speed all the time. There is no such thing as a "not full day".

So of course, on the daily fashion route..I finally got my sheer shirts. Actually I got two sheer shirts over the weekend. I could not let these shirts past me. One was beige and the other one was purple. I will post the purple next week and show how I wore it. But the best part about this shirt is the back of it. The front is not much but what sheer blouse is? The shirt came from Everything 5.99 store and I ended up paying 7.99 for the shirt, which is unheard of in my size! I wear a 2XL and sometimes a 1XL. So when I saw that it fit, I bought both colors and ran to purchase these shirts. 


So there are many different ways women wear their sheer shirts. Some pair it with something pastel and light. Others rock their sheer shirts with dress pants while some rock sheer skirts and a denim blouse. Me? I love pairing different patterns and different textures. I am the girl who would walk into a crowded room with a couture ball gown with red converse underneath. Not because I like converse and dresses, but because usually the two does not go together. Fashion to me is all about breaking the rules and being unsafe. So I paired this soft nude blouse with some rugged tattered shorts. For some reason ripped vintage shorts kind of go with anything. At least I think so. I paired some riding boots under the shorts with some leggings of course. The whole outfit is risky and some what challenging... I love the combo of denim and sheer. Its like the best ultimate no-no.

These pictures give the shirt no justice I swear. Its very soft and flowing. Plus given the fact that California is hot as balls, It paid its dues.  The short are from Torrid. The leggings are Torrid. The boots are Torrid. Pretty much everything but the blouse and my undergarments are Torrid! LOL! Torrid needs to step their game up and put in them sheer dresses for us chicks with the thick booties, just saying..

The back is insane. The soul purpose of me buying this was the back. I mean how fab is this. Not only is it fab, its super sexy. I tried this on in the isle and literally yelled "This has cut outs in the back?! Your so mine!"The lace does not help. Plus its nude. I mean, you can't get better than this. It feels great..

So I got the same shirt just purple. I will wear it a bit different for the blog, but most likely on a regular day I would rock it like this. I could not believe I found a shirt like this that was my size. Im pretty stoked. The Everything 5.99 Store wins again..

Blouse On Hanger:

Here is a shot of it with no flash. I feel you can get the full effect of the shirt with natural light. 

The earring are from the same store, only a dollar. Nude needs gold if you ask me. Maybe because its all in the same tone. I can't rock a nude color without a hint of gold. My opinion. 

99 cents

In Other Tia-Like News:

I dyed my hair. We'll I bleached it. I got bored with the dull ass color. This picture makes it look more brighter than usual. I went to Sally's and got my bleach on. Some are brighter than others but who cares I still love it. This week I am getting ready for more family guest like I said before. Im glad my money is looking right, this way we can all go out and be able to do things. My daughter birthday is coming up soon as well. My Mom already told me she has two huge ass boxes of gifts for the Booski. I can only imagine. The crazy part about having a baby a few days before your very own birthday is you kinda don't give a shit about yours, its all about the babies day. To be honest the only "day" Im ready for is Halloween. I know... I know... so far away. But I can't stop thinking about it. Im so excited. I live by a neighborhood that goes "in" when it comes to Halloween. The whole damn block turns their houses into haunted house and the whole community is packed with people. I am so excited to buy a costume. I extra excited looking for my Booski's outfit since its now a tradition. I want to plan and go to a pumpkin patch..Im super super festive right now when it comes to Halloween...so screw my birthday..where is Halloween at!

~Its A Sheer Thang~

I wish I had some pictures of us together but Im still waiting on seeing my bestie westie. Until then Rose's life is on high speed as well. Her hubby graduated. Her military ball is coming up soon as well so you know what that means you guys...dress shopping! Yes, if you know anyone or have family in the military you know all about the military ball. I always skipped mine with the hubbers and we would make up excuses to stay behind! But this year her hubbys boss is making them go. So Rose has to get on the move and start looking! Until we see what she finds out their in "gown world", here is what shes been rocking in Viva Las Vegas!

Another annoying thing about Rose not being able to come see me last weekend was we planned on having a "slumber like girl party" and paint our nails together. Reminder...I grew up with this woman so we have hella memories, and one of them was us being young in her room doing our toes putting on bright glitter top coats. Now since, we are near thirty, I do miss our girl times. Its so needed. Also, Rose has the best polish finds...

 Of course she found these for a good price at Target..

*shakes head*

More Polishes!

Yes...she got these for a damn dollar fifty... only Rose.

~Rose Gone Coral~
 Rose have been all about the sheer as well as I have. This is the whole reason why I love posting pictures of what Rose bought and hoe she wears it. Rose and I dress in two different styles, its always been that way. She and I both bought a dress from Forever 21 one time and wore it two completely different way when we went on a double date one night. Our dates did not even know we wore the same dress, just in two different ways. We always been different. Check out Rose's sheer moment...
 How beautiful is that color? Im in love with it. She found this at Ross for 12.99. You know what I love about this? The long sleaves. Ugh, I love that. Because it looks so light and airy yet its long sleeves and looks super beachy and sunny. The pairing with the white jeans kills it.  

the light in this photo gives her shirt sweet justice! UGH! Love how flowing it is..

~Celeb Candy~

So Celebrities are doing it this fall. I mean, most of them are. I saw this cover of Vogue with Lady Gaga on the cover. I loved it. She is epic. Im ready for a new album actually. She is super fashion forward as always. Check out the rest of the Celebs who made my best dress list over the week that I have been absent from my blog.

~Ashley Benson~
 Lately the actress from Pretty Little Liars have been dressing very punk lately. I will never get over the punk look..ever..There is something rebel about it

~Mary Kate Olsen~
 Nuff said...

~Iggy Azealia~
 I know what my friend Holly should be for Halloween. This chick is fierce, Im all about her songs as well. She is a breathe of fresh air...

~Miley Cyrus~

Oh Miley. Im all about Miley these days and usually Im all bout Rihanna or Amber Rose. Her style has reached a level I can't even explain. She has gotten engaged, chopped off her hair, and started wearing short shorts that would make Daisy Duke blush..I love her fashion! There is something bold about a woman who chops off their hair.

At first I did not like it, but after more recent shots of her in the tabloids it started to grow on me. Usually women do this after a break up, but seems like she found herself alright. 

Gurl wurk!

~Vanessa Hudgens~
 The boho queen is still doing the damn thang, Love them pants...


Anyone see Rih Rih on Sunday night? How amazing is she?! Love her! She was down to earth of course and she still is in love with Chris Breezy. I think its obvious that he still loves her as well. Ugh, I know, he beat her ass. I do believe in forgiveness. I think they should maybe work it out. Their love seems real and timeless. Then again, maybe they already are? Hmm, makes you wonder..

And of course when it comes to fashion Rih Rih slays every time. 

How awesome are these shoes, I mean really??? Ugh!

~ Solange Knowles~
 We all know Solange has her own style. You can't deny it. Love that she does her tribal prints and afro centric hair all the time. I love her. She honestly puts Beyonces style to shame if you ask me..

 Speaking of her sister...


She is super sexy, and Im feeling Dereon fashion so much but I tend to never see the stuff at the store. The style is pretty awesome. Tina Knowles surely has some fashion tips that she knows something about.

Alright you guys! Love you all! I'll be back Next WEEK! Mwah!
Stay Fab!

*be easy*


  1. loveee the sheer shirt! the back is just fabbbb!

  2. Your outfit is HOT mama! And I swear lil mama is getting so freaking gorgeous by the minute!!! Ahhhh I wanna hold her! lol!

  3. I was just thinking that I had not seen post from you in a while...I love your hair...love the short too!

  4. of course I'll follow you!
    I can't quite get over the fact that she's cut it short, but she seems happier with it short!

  5. The shirt is amazing. You got me really thinking about short shorts and leggings because that's the only way I will wear them. I love that outfit. It mixes sweet and grungy and that's hot. Your hair is hot too. Those shoes Rose has on with that wooden sole nearly took me to the floor!! OH MY GOODNESS! And look at my girl. My Boobooski. You have a perfectly beautiful little girl. She is gorgeous. Love you, mama, can't wait to see more!

  6. Awe...so sorry about Rose not being able to come and visit you. That really sucks! On another note, I love your top and your hair. I bet the box your mom sent for the little one will be full of super cute stuff. I still can't get over Miley's hair. I don't know if I like it yet. After Riri's Oprah interview I have found a new love for her. It's nice to peek into a person's softer side. I need to go shopping with Rose! That's all! Kiah

  7. Thanks!!
    Follow you too :)

  8. wow! where can I start? It is a long post and I have seen so many wonderful ideas !! First of all , thank you for coming into my blog and following me , now I am following you too.And now ...I really love your leopard print "wedges?" or heels they are fantastic !! And the pink outfit is great!! Kisses:))

  9. Sorry you been having a rough time. Send you a hug. Love your hair.

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