Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Boho Boulevard Of Broken Dreams: Kidz Wear & Tear

Hola people, I guess it has been a full week since I blogged. Where do I begin. I am infested with bugs. Okay, no not really. But either or, my spider bite came back. If your just reading this and did not read last week I have gotten bitten by a spider on my inner thigh and it messed my leg up so bad that I was limping to the doctors office. Well, it showed up again...not only that I screwed up as well by not drinking water. Ugh. What a week. So I called the doc and Im highly medicated and can still do some of the things I have been doing. Unfortunately, the antibiotic I take make me drowsy, so I pass out here and there. Mainly in the afternoon when the hubbers gets home. But enough about my life as spider woman.

Im am all about the 1950's french looks, but today I was going for a boho hippie liaison look for a change. I stayed with the earth tones and camel skinned boots. Anything flowing and comfortable is perfect for my "bite" issues right now.

 I wish I could rock them shorts, that short, but lets be real. Love hippies and JD bottles!

Here is the shirt I found in my closet that I completely forgot about! I lose things in my closet all the time. When I wanted to go out and get some air I rummaged through my closet and found it. The family and I were going to Target and I needed a quick shirt that went on quick. I bought this at Torrid awhile ago. Im forgot I even had it. It was some sale they were having. Either way, Im glad I got it. It has corset buttons and its long enough for leggings. 

Here is the look I wore over the weekend:
 Shirt: Torrid
Leggings: Torrid
Boots: Torrid
Bag: F21

Oh and I love my hair! I gotta do this again. I did not add any color (not that I need too). Now that it dropped a little, Im more in love with it. I want to do it again but the process was hard and took so long. And I hate doing my hair, hence me dreading my hair, I use to hate having to get it done. So I am not gonna be sitting there doing it anytime soon. But man I love it. 

So Im over being sick. Im tired of it. Its getting annoying and beyond irritating. Before, getting sick was fine. I did not care. I was home usually and could nurse myself back to health while the hubby was at work. Not anymore. I take care of a human being so I have to be alert and ready to run around and do errands. It sucks because having a family is like a machine. Everything has to work in order for everything to go right. Expenses go up (getting take out because a bitch aint cooking hopping on one leg). The house become a mess. My husband can't clean like I do. Its, just...*sigh*...I hate it. Luckily my little chica is a big napper so me catching Z's aint that hard. I dunno. Im just over the dramatics.

Back to fashion...

~The Harajuku Kids Line~

Okay, so I was at Target this weekend. They had my favorite brand of clothes there, but they were for kids. Gwen Stefani's brand Harajuku Girls are there and the clothes are super cute! Makes me wish I was pint size. Haha! And they also had cute head bows. I love the jamaican colors and the tribal prints! Oh man the outfits were so cute. I had to snap a few pics while inside! Tee hee..! The outfits range from twenty to twenty five dollars. And thats kinda pricey for kids clothing. So I did not buy a damn thing. But love the outfits.

They had this cute bathing suit, I wish they had it for grown ups:

How cute is this dress! Ugh! I love! And there for little girls! The prices are kinda whoa though..twenty dollars. Love the colors. Check out more below:

Too Cute! 

~Vogue Of The Young Fashionistas ~

Since becoming a Mom, I have this huge bite for kids clothes. I am always on Tumblr looking at children outfits and they are always too cute. Now my budget can not even touch let alone look at hot kid clothes made by the high priced fashion designers. I am not banking what so ever! But I am in love with kid fashion, boys and girls. Theres nothing like a kid with swag. So I find myself running through the racks at Walmart and Target, trying to catch a deal on something stylish. My Mom, my daughters Grandmother, sends me boxes and boxes of clothes from TJ Maxx and Marshalls. To be honest, my little Booski rocks better style than me. Hahahaha! Grandmas are there to spoil. I thought I would put a twist on the blog and show my Booski's outfit for a change. This was her Outfit Of The Day when we went to Target over the weekend.

Too the Moms out there who have a bit more money than I do, always check out the sales at Burlington, Marshalls and TJ Maxx. This whole outfit was 16.99. But you can't deny how super cute and adorable this is. My Moms sends a box every month with clothes and p.j.'s. I luck out alot because I do not have to pay for clothes very much, if any. But her closet is laced with cute stuff like this. My Mom bought this when she was in my stomach. Its crazy that she is wearing it now..lol! Its a little big given the fact that it is 12 months. But she will grow more into it soon.

The brand is Calvin Klein and the shoes are RocaWear..
My Mom hates these shoes but I love them, I got them on-sale for about three dollars at Ross. I loved the fact they have no laces and the gold accent on the side.The fold down as well, and sometimes you can fold them down. There just super cute. One of my favorite shoes that she has.

My little Kate Moss, I know she is tired of my stalking her everyday. You Betta wurk Boo.

I swear, as soon as you become a Mom you start becoming obsessed with kid outfits. I mean, especially if you are already a fashionista yourself. Its a hard habit to kick. Especially since Kids grow so fast. Check out all the awesome kid fashion below. Warning to Moms, buying kid clothes can become addicting. 

One of my favorite young fashionistas is a stylists daughter named Alaia Rose. I mean her daughter is beyond cute and her style matches it. I always look forward to seeing a new fashion forward picture of her daughter. Gives me some great inspiration ideas for my little cub. Her fashion is cray..


You can't tell me this little girl doesn't pull your heart and fashion strings...

This is her Mom Fashion stylist Monica Rose below, she dressed all the Kardashians I think. Not bad. Love her daughters style.

~The Bestie Rose~

Rose is moving in three weeks. Soon she will be in the Las Vegas dessert, which will be very close to me. You will soon be seeing pictures of us together rather than emailed and texted pictures that she sends me of her finds. Hopefully, one day, we can shop together. Its been so long since we have. Rose over the weekend went to Target as well and saw these awesome summer scarves. But of course, Target being Target, the deal was not good enough. They wanted 14.99 for one scarf. Which to me, is kinda pushing it. So Rose went the smart route and bought four of these fabric from JoAnnes and pretty much made her own scarfs. Beautiful designs and textures, and very frugal idea. She paid 15 dollars for all four of these. When she was about to drop the same amount for one scarf at Target...nice move.

Rose in a cute to from one of my stores around my way! When she visited here last she bought this awesome shirt from Everything 5.99 Store. Looks great on. I think she paid 7.99 for it. Nit sure, Either way, it was less than ten.

A little off subject, but Rose's cat is getting put to sleep. I knew this cat when I was eleven years old. Thats right, eleven. The same age I met Rose. Mind you, Im twenty six now. I can't believe thats she going to be put to sleep. Her names Daisy. Its funny how you grow up around pets and you never think about them, dying. Its sad. My Moms dog Christine just got put to sleep about two months ago. I did not take that very well either. *Sigh*
Love your pets..

~Celebrity Candy~

K-Stew is killing it right now. I love her when she is out of her boring ass elements filled with red converse and white tees. I love when she puts on that couture and vogues. So I guess Vanity Fair gave her a glam ass makeover and she looks...beyond stunning. This celeb candy I will not post Rihanna given the fact my bestie Rose says I post her too much. So I am on Rihanna Rehab for now..check out more of her photo shoot below: 

Here she is at the Movie Awards, which sucked if you ask me. Her boy toy was not there, which sucked. I dunno. I seen better award shows. Plus they showed nothing of Breaking Dawn 2 which I thought was a little weird. I did see the Batman trailer though, and it looked amazing! Greg and I are stoked to see it.

Iggy Azaela

Love this outfit so much, and you know I love a girl with curves! She looks beautiful! I swear she looks  like my friend Holly. They look almost exactly alike. Well, at least to me. Check out the pics, you tell me. Thats Holly my friends below, and then right under is Iggy. Twins?

Miley Cyrus

Her style is awesome, boots and sweet polka dots and floral is an A+ in my book.

Lucy Hale
 Love the aztec colors. And the black and white is beautiful. The outfit is so bad ass! 
I want this whole look. Love the shoes.

Lady Gaga
 Gaga looking classic, which is rare. Given the fact she is always in a pair of panties.
Love the orange. 

Alicia Keys

I love her sporty look. Yet, when she is dressed up, she does it up.
Love and need these earrings. 
 Jennifer Lopez
 Love the pants and they are green! Love it. Love wide..

Demi Lovato
 Love the hobo look on Demi

Christina Milian
 The best dress I seen all week...

Willow Smith (Future Daughter)
 Love Willow, what a rock star..

 And a taste of Rihanna...the woman of my dreams...love her...

Love you guys! Thanks for reading!

No cameras please..


  1. nice post, your hair is gorg and i like thhe outfit and lil baby ;)


    You look gorgeous!

  3. Hope you are back to 100% real soon... You boots are fabulous and your daughter is werrrrk'n it!!!!! Yassss... lol

    All the kids photos are simple darling! So, glad to hear that your bestie will be near you soon. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I hope you are feel better. Man that suck you got bite again by a spider. You daughter is super cute. Love that outfit on her.

  5. Your hair's fabulous! And your daughter's so cute!

    Get well soon :)


  6. your boobski is soo adorable! i love that boho look on you! xoxo