Thursday, June 14, 2012

Betty In The Rubble: Rolling In The Islandz

Okay, dont kill me. I been kinda gone for a bit and been doing alot of running around. Mainly to find a gift for Fathers Day for my Dad, which turned out to be a headache and a half. He lives back in my home town so I have to be "cool" and "swank" with a good gift. I also was running around getting things done, and I can not even tell you what they are. Life has been going so fast pace lately. Tomorrow is friday and Im wondering what I have been doing all week? Today is the first day that Im home and Im staying there. My place needs to be cleaned, I hate a messy house on a weekend. It bothers me. I rather the house be messed up and crappy on a weekday, never on weekends. So I need to get the sweeping and the dusting.

Todays outfit was my favorite Betty Rubble halter top.
I bought this at Torrid thinking this would match my grey skinny jeans, I have about four. The only thing about this top is the fact it doesn't keep my boobs all the way up. It slicks the body down pretty well but the boob area, not so much..But I love the print so much, I thought I would put my F21 cover over it to make less...Va-Voom. And more of a chill shirt.

Im shocked the outfit is not all Torrid, the bag Im wearing is F21 as well. Im the biggest fan of mixing prints. Seems to be my thang these days. I don't rock my diaper bag anymore because my little one never craps when we go out. I carry her bottle with me in this zip-up thingy that keeps it cool, but thats it. I still bring it and leave it in the car just incase, but she never drops a boomy when we are out...ever. Pretty strange, but I wont complain. I get to still wear my funky bags.

Jeans: Torrid Source Of Wisdom
Shoes: Body Central
Top: Torrid Size 2x
Cover & Bag: F21

More Shots Below:

This top is such a beach top. I might wear this over the weekend if we go to the beach.
Its very comfy. I just hate that bra area. Its terrible. I never go in the water anyway, so this might end up being some beach gear for now on. Very Betty Rubble. I could not leave without this shirt. I will be wearing this again....

(trying to keep the girls in the barn)

Other Fashion Kicks & Misses

So Im not a big shoe girl. But I found these amazing pair at Ross the other day. Again, I love the prints and it reminded me of bracelets and bangles. And shockingly, they had my size! What are the odds! I can Never and I mean NEVER find shoes my size, let alone in a department store! These fit so good and I have yet to wear them! Of course they are flats, because I live in flats. These look super cute with capris! And they were 14.99. Not bad for a size ten shoe if you ask me. I need to actually wear these babies instead of having them sit in my closet. 

Over the weekend I saw these beauties at TJ Maxx. They wanted 25 dollars for these. Man I wanted them too but that was a little much. They were a size 11 but they still fit pretty well. But the price had me put them right back on the shelf. I know, Im a cheap skate. I loved the gold plate around the shoe and the neon pink was super super bright...I shoulda bought these honestly..

My Weekend

My weekend rocked. I had an amazing weekend. Didn't do too much besides spend time with the family. Greg wanted to go to this place which had cars and tools and alot of guy-stuff on sale. Greg is a  "guys-guy". Loves buying tools and playing with his car. So I gave him some free reign to do so. The weather was nice and they did have alot of stuff on-sale that he liked, lucky him. I found nothing in my stores.
More shots of my weekend below:

 So I tried these new wine coolers over the weekend and man they were good! I have to buy some more! Yum!

 This was the restaurant we went too over the weekend, it was terrible, the food was awful.... it looks super good but I had to spit my food in my napkin, it was that bad you guys... Ughh, the worst...

 Looking at these pictures make me wanna barf. I got the Tropical Burger and it had, ...ughh, pineapples and teriyaki sauce and coleslaw... ugh..So gross! My hubby hated his burger as well and he loves burgers with a passion. We both were disappointed.. Fun picture though..

 I think my Booski had the best time out of all of us. At least she got crayons...

 Yeah, she had the best meal out of all of us...Congrads Kylie... you lucked out.

Carrots, yum.

Pretty weird picture of a truck with no door by my place...that seemed strange as hell...

That was the majority of my weekend. Even though the food was super gross I had a ball hanging out with the family. Greg and I are watching this show on Netflix called Vampire Diaries which is getting pretty good. Gregs a huge movie/t.v. watcher so we had fun watching the episodes on the Mac. We bought speakers from Marshalls so we could hear better sound. Also Im training my Booski to eat like a lady at the dinner table...its not going that well..Hahahaha! Lets just say she thinks its funny smashing the food is more fun. But shes loving the sippi cups. 

My pumpkin Rose (BFF) went to Rosa Mexicano with her boss last week which is a very pricey upscale yummy place on the Harbor in Maryland. Rose will be leaving her job soon, hence moving to Vegas with her husband. Rose got over priced steak tacos, looks hella better than the shit I was eating! I went with Rose before and got this duck appetizer and it was super yum, but super small. This place is so good. Check out her yummo food.

Besides eating good food, she did seem to find some good deals over the weekend. She got these rad ass purple shoes. Love the dark grape color. She texted me the picture when I was out in my shopping stores in Burlington. I told her to buy them, right away! Cute right?

Only 15.99

Rose found ESSIE nail polish for 3.49! Like what the hell! They retail for 8.99! Lucky whore..

She found these super cute pastel jeans. I love the color so much. Almost blush colored. More pictures of her purchases below: She also went to Victoria Secret for their Semi Annual Sale.

And she seen these super cute pair of shoes that I would have so bought for myself but of course these are a size eight! Aw man! I love the shoes! I would have bought them. Right away!
She knows my taste. 

~Celebrity Candy~

So you know I love my celebrities. Let me just say, again, I LOVE Rihanna. I mean, she rules the world if you ask me. What a fox. So apparently Chris Brown and Drake is fighting each other for her. I think its true. I mean its no secret that Drake is so in love with Rihanna and its so obvious that Chris is all about Rih Rih even though he is in a relationship with this other chick. I love that she is giving these guys a chase. You know Rih is a wild gal. 
Anyway, here she is with rocking her nips out in American Apparel. I bow to her. Talk about swag.

So Im guessing Drakes security did this to Chris or someone in Drakes camp? Either way Chris got smashed in the face with a bottle or something. Is Chris Brown really about that life? Like c'mon, really? He is such a waffle. 

You betta wurk bitch! Keep them boys crying...!

Miley Cyrus

Call me old school but I like this. Im hearing she is engaged. Thats pretty young but I can't say much, I was 22 when I got married. I guess when you know, you just know. Love the floral.

Anne Hathaway
 Love the bag and the pants, and the shoes are pretty bad ass too. I like her look, looks a bit grudge. I like her hair is chopped off as well.

Angela Simmons
 Platforms and a stripped dress? And getting premium gas? Love it. 

Dakota Fanning
 Stunning, I find myself all about this color this year, I love coral.

Selena Gomez
 I love when Disney stars amateur and look more older. I like the fact she looks more grown..
*take notes Taylor Swift*

Pretty Little Liars
Ashley Benson
 One of my favorite shows, which is back on the air I might add. Ashley Benson rocking cute boots and nice leather jacket. She dresses super stylish on the show and off the set. Love her bag as well. 

Katy Perry
 I love when she goes old school and rocks something like this. Love the vintage look on her. She pulls it off so well. Very old school hollywood..

~Music To My Ears~

I haven't talked about music very much. Usually I say what I am listening too but lately it hasn't been much. I mainly be rocking to Lana Del Ray. Best Album ever! But recently I downloaded Emeli Sande's album and it is amazing. I love it. I have it on repeat. Her voice is beautiful. Almost sounds like church music but its not. Beautiful soulful voice. If you need some new music, you should so download her. Beautiful music. 

Also I downloaded this album by this folk singer Brandi Carlile. Her voice is like Janis Joplin mixed with Melissa Ethridge. I know I spelt her last name wrong. But her album is pretty awesome as well. I love folk music. I know, Im weird. I prefer this type of music than rap or r&b. I love all music. But this is amazing, very raspy and cool. 

 Love these albums..! Go for it!

 Yep, friends as well. 

Love ya'll! Mwah!!! Thanks for reading!
now vogue.. 


  1. I love your style and your little one has got to be the cutest baby I've seen in a while :-)

  2. That top on you is FIERCE!!!!!!!! I want!!! Those shoes! HOT!!! And lil mama is always looking fly!!! She gets that from you! Mos def! xoxoxo!

  3. I swear I never have to buy magazines because you always have the BEST dish on celebs and I love seeing what they were wearing.

    Sucks bout your dinner out...But baby Kylie is just soooo SOOOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing her with us xo

    Mele from Australia

  4. Hey Chica -

    Looks like you had a pretty amazing weekend. Can I just say Brandi Carlile is like my one true girl rock love!! I've seen her several times in concert and each time I feel even more in love with her. Download some of her older stuff, you will love it!!