Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Attack Of Spikes & Black: Lisbeth Salander Version

Its been awhile. If I could jumble up everything that is going on I would but ti would take forever. I moved first and far most. Same apartment complex, just different number. We got two bedroom for the little boobooski and the move was pretty, fast. I love the new place. Its almost a new start. Moving was kind of a bitch actually. I hated it. Greg moved every piece of furniture with no help. Either way, we got into the new place nice and easy.
I've been gone for a minute.
But Im back..

So fashion wise, I am totally obsessed with leather and spikes again. I don't know, maybe its the weather. I was all boho and now I feel like switching it up again. Whenever it gets cool I go gothic or very vampire-esk. I told myself I can't "go there" this year. I will need to tone it down.
But reading the new book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo....made me wanna wear spikes and chains even more. I saw the movie as well. Man it made me wanna shop. Im starting to think I fell in love with the character Lisbeth Salander more than the actually story. But after seeing it I really really wanna dress like her, not to that extreme, but something like it.

This outfit is all Torrid. The leggings I already had in green but they were on sale. I thought of my girl Kiah who blogs as well, I remember she told me she got those leggings too. I paid full price for my green ones and half off for these. I love leggings. These are kinda big but I bought them anyway...

I got a big belt problem...

Earrings and bracelet a joke! 5.99 store...!
Still addicted to tribal shit!

My Bestie Rose: Today Was A FairyTale....

Like I said. So much has happened. Moving, bring a mother... Another change was Rose and her love life. I brought up the fact many of times that Rose was in a long term relationship. She was dating a "guy" for about seven years total. I even posted some pics of them two going to Vegas together. Well, it did not work out. How can I say this? Hmm? Well. Rose and him were highschool sweethearts but for some reason, the "guy" became what me and Rose call a parasite. They suck the life out of you. I told Rose maybe twice in her relationship with him that she seemed sad with him. She would tell me she was fine and I did believe her. Rose is not one to give up on a relationship. Her loyalty is true. She will stand by whoever she cares for. But eventually the relationship came to a pause. And if you have a best friend, you know, that when they go through a do you. Even I was sad that the relationship ended. I knew the "parasite" very well. I was cool with him. But after a month of the relationship ending, my Mom bought Rose a ticket to escape and to come see me. So Rose came to Cali for Christmas.

Now here is the GOOD part. Tee Hee. My husband Gregs bestfriend Jason was planning on coming to see us. He lives in Vegas. He is Airforce. We dropped a hint that Rose would be coming down as well. My husbands best friend Jason is someone I knew since I was eighteen. Me, Greg and Jason and his girlfriend at the time (who I still talk to and is a good friend) hung out almost everyday in my late teens. Basically, long story short. Jason and Rose..clicked.
And I mean..CLICKED.
And a picture says a thousand words, am I wrong....check out the pic below...

Rose & Ex:
Do you see the body language here?

Rose & Her New Boyfriend (Gregs Bestie) Jason:
What are the odd? Look how close they are, and they JUST MET!
They both spent five days in California and the rest was history. They even say I love you to each other. I mean, wow. Who would have thought. I am happy for them. I never seen Rose this way. He holds her hand, kisses her all the time. Rose even said she is not use to that much affection at all. Bottom line. Jason did more for Rose in five days then her ex did in 7 years...
Ughh...I hate parasites...

LOOK AT THIS PICTURE! verses the ex picture! HELLO!

Now Jason, who I never really talked about grew up with Greg back in Maryland. They got separated because Jason went into the Airforce and Greg went into the Marines. He is the Godfather of our daughter. He adores her. Its so cute. And of course, Rose is the Godmother, so it all works out maybe too perfectly. Also me and Jason were born on the same day..
Weird right? Or just meant to be...

Did I mention we went out on double dates? Lol!

So as of now. Rose and Jason are together. Our best friends. It still doesn't hit me. I still can't even believe it. But its true. What are the odds?
Great way to start 2012
Here is our family Christmas:

with grandma...

Lisbeth Salander: My Style Icon Of The Moment:
So I tried my best to read the book. But it was so damn complicated. It just did not work. I was so intrigued by the woman Lisbeth. I guess because she had that I do not give a fuck attitude. She walked strange. She acted strange. Yet she was so sexy. I was feeling her. I watched the movie because I couldn't take the book anymore. And the story line was cool. But honestly, just watching Lisbeth on screen made me excited. What a woman. And her style was crazy..
bad bitch..
Love the hair...

Kat Von D Fashion Line VS Lisbeth Salander Fashion

Okay. So maybe Lisbeth's fashion choices are more "I don't give a fuck" then very fashionable. But you know who nails it? Kat Von D. She triggers Lisbeth all in her new fashion line. I wanted to blog about her line before but I was becoming way to busy. But I swear, If Kat Vin D went up to an extra extra large, a bitch would be buying that coat! So amazing. I love gothic romantic fashion...and Kat nails it...
This coat is amaze-balls...I would pay money for that..
I want a sweater like this... die for
beautiful red...
I died...o_O
omg...i cant..
I like every piece in this look-book..
very Lisbeth..right?
So thats all. Im going to get my day started. I have to remember to breathe and take in everything. I already learned so much this year and its barely even started. One thing I learned is look at what you have and be happy.
Also, learn to let go..and let life handle it.....
Im welcoming this New Year with a smile. No resolutions. Nothing I truly want to change. We'll maybe some things. Lol! But Im only human. Im happy.
Im happy.
Mwah! Im back for 2012 Ladiez!
See ya soon!


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  5. Ok, so... thank you for your kind comments on my blog, and for the follow. I thought I would stop by quick to check you out, and I can't stop reading!! LOL!! I LOVE your blog! You have a new follower in me! I feel like I know you, and Rose (I'm not crazy... really, I'm not). Thank you so much for all of your messages about self acceptance and for sharing so much of yourself.

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