Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fringe With Benefits: Coco Chanel & Not Down Wit The Sicknezz

Okay, it is not "real" Chanel of course otherwise I would not be living in an apartment rocking ten dollar pants with it! Okay, you got me! But this shirt is too die for and super bad ass! I saw this top awhile back and new that this was coming with me, if it fit. Surprisingly? It did! The Pink Zone is a store out here in California that sells zero plus sizes, but if you find the right stretch, you will find that right size to fit your bum. And thats exactly what happened to me. My bestie Rose was with me at the time when I saw this beauty, she gave me "the eye" and told me I "had" to buy it. And why would I not listen to my best friend of over twenty years? Exactly! I did what she said and bought the top and man was that the best purchase I have made this summer. Its super fun wearing this! California heat is no joke so its been super cute and fun rocking this top everywhere that I went. Of course, Im the queen of pairing up new looks with the same item, so I gave this tank a run around! But the outfit of the day was surely my favorite and most comfortable! 

So much has happened so far starting Fall season. Im so ready for Halloween already you guys its ridiculous! I never been so ready for September to be over for so many reasons! Being sick is one of them! Okay, Okay, I'll break down about my life later, lemme stick to the fashion for five seconds.
We all seen the double C's of Chanel haven't we all? I seen it everywhere. Of course I liked the top. Chanel is totally high class and high fashion at its best. The tee is super cute because is a bit funkier and not a Macy's dress but something that could be worn with raggy jeans. Im all about the double c's. This top as I said is certainly not Chanel but freaking sweat knock off. Check how I wore it this week!


~Khloe Kardashian~
Red lips, light bleached skinny jeans, Chanel top and her curves alone make this whole ensemble a freaking ten our of ten. Not to mention this top was probably a gift from Coco Chanel herself, I would say this look is an Epic win...!

Here is the super hot top in black. And I saw this color but I felt I really needed to stay away from black because I tend to get super addicted to that color. When I look in my closet and see only black shades I know its time to make a change! I would need some blues, some pinks, some greens...
So I got the white version instead. Here is the top online & in magazines.

 And they call her the ugly, fat one. Im sorry Khloe to me is the most honest and sexiest when comes to bodies. Yeah Kim Kardashian puts her in the running but she is certainly not fat. Depending on what chart we all are looking at. Love her body and this shirt...


Ciara as well has rocked these awesome double C's in candid photos around the globe. Im loving this top whether its fringed, in a big tee, or in sweatshirt style. Something is urban-swagged about and thats what makes it fun to wear. You get the best of both worlds with this top, fashion and comfortably. Normally you see this paired with jeans, high shorts or some type of Rihanna inspired sweatpants from her River Island line, thats why I decided to rock my two outfit of the day's like this....

Outfit Of The Day

Im all about fringe you guys especially during the summer. When the Summer time hits Im all about bohemian styled pants and hippie Coachella inspired tops and accessories. I don't know why? Maybe because I am a total hippie at heart and would have died to be able to go to Woodstock in my formal life to watch Joplin & Hendrix tear up the stages high as kites. I am not sure why I love that look. But I teamed up this top in "sooo" many ways, but this way was my favorite!

I paired some ten dollar wide legged black pants that were from Pink Zone as well, with some flat white sandals. I was going to the Mall in this by the way...
I topped it off with a shredded hoodie top from non other than Hot Topic and wore that over it which gave it a pretty cool effect afterwards. Paired it up with some red Rihanna lipstick and called it a day. 

Top: The Pink Zone, 19.99
Pants: The Pink Zone, 12.99
Hoodie, Hot Topic for 24.99 
And Target Sandals from Rose as a gift..

~On the Hanger~

~Being Fringed With Benefits~
Its a trend that has been going on beyond the Summer. I have seen long stringed fringe on people for awhile. Im a even bigger fan of fringe being on pants or on a bag. The best thing about fringe is that it can get dramatic in a non dramatic way. Everything makes since with fringe. Not only that, but anything ripped or shredded gives a "wow" factor into anything that you are wearing. It can be a bit rock and roll if not "turnt down" some. But thats the fun part about fringe if anything!

Here is my hoodie from Hot Topic. I of course got the 2XL and made it extra lose. Sometimes I wear this hoodie open with a top under it. I love this so much! How much was I willing to pay? Nothing over forty. But I ended up getting it on clearance. People ask all the time how did I make the hoodie but I tell them Hop Topic taught me. LOL! I know this is a project that most could Pintrest and do themselves but by all means, do it! Im that girl that buys her projects rather than do them. Tee he!

Back of Hoodie

~Coco Livened Up~

I thought I would post two looks because of how much I wear this shirt. This was about a week and a half ago. Pretty normal look with some capri jeans and a jean vest top. Same all white shoes from Target that my Bestie got me awhile back which always seems to hold my white tops together in harmony. Most people are a fan of the opposite of what I am a fan of, so why not give the people their choice of favorite look? I love this look as well. But of course Im more edgy with my all black shredding and fringe. Haha! 

 The day I wore this, it was SO hot! August is the worst here in California in SD County. It gets terrible to where the state makes you go to the beach whether you want to or not. This was the perfect cool outfit for that day! More Shots below.

Top: The Pink Zone for 19.99
Vest: Ross for 8.99
Capri shorts: Shimmer for 27.99
Sandals: Target for less then five dollars thanks to Rose

 I rocked cross earring which seem to be the new thing this Summer everywhere. But what I am really premiering is this hot red lipstick from Mrs Fenty herself, Rihanna. I apparently have a birthday coming up on the 12th soon. I forget now that my daughter is the second and all focus is on her. But before me being a Mom, and before me loving Rihanna, there was my best friend Rose who got me this amazing lipstick from MAC signed on the tip by Rihanna! I wanted this when it first came out then completely forgot about it. When I opened the package I was pretty shocked. I have not stopped wearing the lipstick since I got it and I love it!

First off, you know what I love about Rihanna? She wears her shit. Bottom line. Rihanna, who Im sure is not the only artist that has but she REALLY lets it be known that she loves HER products. When her lippy line came out for MAC she wore it to the Grammy's, to her clothing line debut, on dates with Chris Brown, you name it! And she is doing that now with her River Island line, wearing every outfit in every Paparazzi picture. And not only is that cute, Its smart! Because she has us fashion girls drooling for a sample, at least me. 

Her she is rocking her line of clothes in New York, you got to respect her hustle...

Does it look like your regular Wet & Wild lipstick? Quite a bit. But does the quality feel like it? Oh no. Some are on the fence with her brand of MAC Cosmetics and I swear to you this is not favoritism vote at all.  But when you put this baby on it feels like nothing is there. Some would call it quite dry and needs some moisture in it but thats what I kinda don't like about wearing lipsticks honestly. The milky, soft, wet feeling that lipstick gives me always makes me think with the paranoia of marking my teeth or getting on my shoulder. But Rih Rih's lipstick does not make me think of that at all. Its feels solid and secure and I feel I do not need to to check the mirror every time Im near a bathroom. I can understand most peoples first reaction claiming it to be "too dry" but it actually falls on preference. I love it. 

So let me give my first thanks to Rose my best friend of forever a big shout out for getting me this lipstick for my birthday! You had me so surprised! I love it and wear it to dumb places like the grocery store. Never thought I would be that girl but I guess I am when it comes to Rihanna! We'll let me stop shouting her out because Im about to show you her fashion pick ups right now!
Love you Rose.

~Sear & Target Cheers~

Ah! No one knows you like your best friend. Rose has been on a huge kick with Sears these days. She dropped the hint that she was going to a Sears Outlet where she has been seeing these amazing sales. This made me try my Sears outlet to find absolutely nothing! I mean great sale but all junk, and of course, I found zero of that Rose found! Rose found the Kardashian line on-sale in Sears which is pretty awesome given its "their" line of clothes half off! I wish I could at least find one thing! But Rose also managed to get some Kardashian jeans as well which she ordered online. Has anyone reviewed the Kardashian jeans for Sears? We'll we got to remind Rose to give us the 411 on it. In the mean time, here are her buys at Target & Sears last week!

Of course Rosie found some luck in Target, which seems to be my enemy these days! I can never catch a decent deal at Target! Lovely tops for a cheap price. Only Rose, I swear!

Friends With Style!
~Veronica Lee~

So I love when I notice that friends of mine back home in Maryland are still killing it with there style. Veronica Lee I met in Elementary school which was so long ago. We lived literally down the street from each other and road bikes a lot. I remember it like it was yesterday. While on Facebook I noticed she started her own Tumblr showing all her latest outfit (that are super cute by the way!) Check her out if your a Tumblr junkie like Mwah!

Here is a preview of some of her awesome style! I love her hair and her fashion sense! Like her too? Go follow her if you'd like! I am already doing so! Check her out at

~My Life My Life My Life~
Where You Been Tia?

This has been the worst week of the Summer let me tell you. I lost sleep, I got a cold, I got a stomach flu, vomited like crazy, and today (TMI..beware) I got my freaking period. This week was the worst. And while all this sickness is going on I am a Mom planning a party for my daughter. Booski's Birthday was Monday which is why I was super M.I.A. on this weeks post. Party planning is not how I am and I had to become "that Mom" and man did it make me nervous. To be honest, I never planned a party for anyone, not even myself. So this was stressful for me. To be honest I feel this was why I got sick, from the worrying on giving my daughter a decent party. I was up till three in the morning worrying about how I was to pull it off. And mind you this was not an all out party, this was a shindig where I invite her best friend over and her Parent's and sing happy birthday. I was so nervous and hoping everything looked right. I lost so much sleep till that very day. It looked beautiful and cute. Everything turned out great. But after everything was over, I terribly sick throughout the rest of the week. 

Booski and her bestfriend on the slide on her 2nd birthday.

Our neighbors got her wonderful Minnie Mouse gifts in her Bday bag, She loved everything! It was very cute. As you see it was all Minnie Mouse themed!

The night before I was blowing up all the balloons myself at 6 in the morning, I was losing my mine trying to make it all look perfect. Balloons were on the wall throughout my place.

Mmm so good!

Minnie Mouse party! Her besties folks got the Pizza!

All and All her party was a success. And as you can see she loved her gift! LOL! Happy Birthday Kylie! Wanna tidbit of her party? You can watch a piece of video if your bored babes! Check it out below!

~Celebrity Candy~
 You guys knew this was coming. The queen is back. Im loving her new video now with the single which was hard for me to get into a bit. But I get it. Lady Gaga is an artist artist. She literally is a piece of art walking around and I love her. Her debut on the MTV Awards was cool and kinda cooled down then most of her performance but I dig it. Lady G. always has a message in her work, so I am going to sit on this one and watch her unveil her masterpiece and take it all in. 

This year Gaga is keeping it classy and pretty tamed and I love it. Of course she still dresses wild and out of the norm, but I like the new ArtPOP look she has got going. On Good Morning America she rocked this awesome dress which was made of paper during her interview... her tweaks like this make me love her even more...

More Gaga's new look below:

And in case your not a huge fan of Lady Gaga you have to be a fan of her ass! I mean did anyone see the VMA's over the few weeks that have past? Im sure we all have seen Miley's flat cakes on there flapping away but Gaga's tush was unstoppable! My goodness! Regardless of what you think, you have to admit she should have been the one I right?

Speaking of rachet Miley...

Miley Cyrus
Im not gonna sit here and pretend like I was not on the Miley Cyrus bandwagon. I was feeling the twerk videos, I was loving the short hair don't care life, but man, the VMA's really blew me away. In a very bad way. Miley I been waiting a week to say this...what the hell was that?

I am convinced Miley is on drugs. Not lie, I believe it. There is now way in hell that she thinks that was a sexy performance. It was so bad. So, so bad. The tongue out her mouth thing, I still do not understand. And I wish her man Liam will come out the closet and say he dumped that girl. There is no way the Hemsworth family is feeling Miley Cyrus ratchet ass... she is a damn mess. Who engaged does this shit? Smoking weed with rappers and wearing gold chains? Miley girl really? Yet you about to be a bride? Girl bye, no ones buying that shit. Her man is fine as hell, I'd wear a Nun outfit before I mess that up...

Tee hee...

Ugh, the grills, the red lips, the constant want to be a light skinned Rihanna is becoming "tired". I love Miley's new turn for the bad girl inside but there is something excessive about this now. I hate it. Miley turn down, not up. We get it. You have more black friends. Your hot ass fiancĂ© and you ain't really working out. Your not Hannah Montana any more and you are the flat butt twerker of all time. But Miley, eat chicken. That's all. I know white girls that can twerk heavy! But they have an ass. 

sigh..she aint listening...

Did anyone see Rihanna's face while watching Miley Cyrus twerk? EPIC! Rihanna looked so un-impressed I died laughing in my sleep...
Speaking of your majesty..

As my friend Rose says, Rihanna "stays consistent". She murders her looks every time and is and always will be killing fashion right now more than any celebrity. If you ask me. I noticed she has been rocking a necklace which was given to her by her ex Chris Breezy lately. But Im sure it means nothing. Love that she is rocking a mullet. 

Im still in love with Beyonce's new chop job. Here she is on her yacht, what her and Jay Z live on. She looks amazing the older she gets as well.

Taylor Swift
Keeping it classy Tay Swift looking cute as always. There is something about Taylor for me, she is just awesome! Her high waisted shorts are everything!

Nina Dobver
I might have spelled it wrong, but you know her as Elena Gibert if you watch Vampire Diaries. My bestie told me she watched it all weekend and reminded how much of a fashionista she is. Check her out sometimes, her street fashion is always stylish!

Kerry Washington
Scandal's Kerry Washington at Fashion Week 2014 this week looking gorg in this dress! Her style is on the come up as well. Have you ever seen her character's Olivia Popes gear in the show? If you own Netflix..give Scandal a go, you won't be disappointed.

Amber Riley
What I love about Amber Riley from Glee is the fact she's a thick girl with fly gear. She always rocks her fashion game at a ten. AND where do I know these pants from? I heard Shimmer the store is popping in LA as well. I have a pair of these myself girl! Always nice to see something you have on a celebrity. Whoop whoop! She wore it better I must say...Oww!

Solange & Jessica Alba
Fashion Week is in full effect if these two are here. Love these POW & BOOM comic book shirts! Im digging them! I want a pair on leggings so bad!

Kelly Osbourne & Janelle Monae
The stylish chicks next two Solange and Jessica by far. Janelle Monae always keeps it cute in monochromatic colors while colorful Kelly kills her look with her lavender hair.

So honestly, who is feeling Miley Cyrus's new cd bangers? I have not heard any of it because life kicking my butt. I do want to check it out. It looks interesting...even though she loses her cool card from that horrible twerk session...

What can I say about Miley Cyrus. I totally got turned off from the VMA's. It was so bad that it made me ashamed that I have been repping her as a best dress fashionista on my blog! Even though that performance was hideous, her fashion game is grand these days I'll give her that. What do you guys think? Are you so over the Miley Cyrus Rachet version? Or are you still feeling "We Can't Stop" on the radio? Im not sure where I am but I can tell you I just was not feeling that "flat" performance. Fashion wise, she might still be in a good place?

What do you think Rihanna? 

Nicole Ritchie
Do you know what I love about style star Nicole Ritchie? She was an absolute tacky mess. Im not sure if it was because she was best friends with Paris Hilton, once she cut her off as her bestie her style went UP while Paris's style stayed...well? The same? Nicole became a wife and a Mom and then BAM! Her style went up and her weight went super down. Whatever works right? She has been seen all around FashionWeek in New York lately so I thought I would show this chick at her best, and her worst?

Im sure when she looks back at herself she cringes. She has too. But now these days she is looks so hot and fashion forward. She is a freaking style icon now, that came a hell of a long way! Ow! Who doesn't love Nicole?

Alright you guys! Thanks for reading. Hopefully I get better from all this sickness! Wish me luck for this week coming up! More fashion on the way! Im always working on the blog for you guys! Thanks for all the comments and love from my last post!! I read all my comments! THANK YOU!

One more Rihanna "no1cur" shot...LOL!
Love you guys!


  1. Glad the nugget had a great birthday. Awesome outfits as usual. I've got severe issues with Gaga and Cyrus right now so I will leave that for some other time.

  2. I always enjoy your posts, filled with so much current events! the chanel shirt and the sweatshirt is so original. Hot Topic does have some nice stuff. And Khloe is my fav kardash too

  3. Lol you're hilarious! OMG I look like crap! Thank God for makeup and curling irons! Otherwise I would always look like a ridiculous mess! That Vimeo video almost made me cry!!! Sooooo cute! Love my Ky!!!! :)

  4. Maaaaaayun! 2 already???? I still remember your pics when you were still carrying her....Time does fly! I still love your celeb updates and everything really... Big Love x

  5. I am silently praying for Miley. I love Nicole Richie's style and your daughter is adorable!!!