Monday, August 5, 2013

The Seduced Safaris: Leopards, Love & Life

I deserve it. Break out the shotgun and take down the punching gloves. I have been gone for a whole month. I know, I always say "This will be the last time" but I actually have a good excuse for my absence. Of course I will go in on that later down below. But man, given my month of hiatus I do have plenty of looks ready to go. I have been shopping my little butt off here and there. On and off I guess you can day. Money has been on the come-up so I been having a little shopping fun here and there with the mall. So right now, Im back on my leopard kick which never seems to go away. Yes, some would say leopard needs to go away and stay packed away with the 80's, 90's or whatever years, but for me leopard is a classic look. Can anyone really do wrong with leopard? Well, wait. Yes. You can do "some" wrong with leopard. But lets deal with the "right".

So whats sassier and more bad ass than a chick with red lips and a leopard top? Absolutely nothing. I found this simple leopard top at my local store Shimmer which has amazing clothes for the average woman. Not just plus size clothes but they have smaller sizes as well. Great store with pretty good prices depending on your poison. The top had cut outs in the sleeves which Im totally all about right now. It ties in the front which makes it look pretty relaxed to pair it up with some jeans or some shorts. I adore the top and actually also fell in love with the jeans as well.

Im never over distressed jeans. I been loving ripped jeans for as along as I can remember. Something about holes and rips turn me on. I loved the worn-out, bleached stained jeans that look like they been passed down from your Aunt and your cousins sister. It just screams "bad ass" if you ask me. I totally bought theses for a cheap price and they fit great. My favorite jeans ever. And I did not have to pay "Torrid prices" for these beautiful babies..
Ripped jeans and leopard top equals a awesome look of the day. You can't go wrong. You give me leopard, I give you fashion on a plate. 

Lusty Leopard Loverz & Co.
 Leopard tops can be pretty plain jane. But its always fun to pair up leopard with odd looks. I tend to buy leopard items that stand out or look a tad bit different from your average look. Normally you find your normal pair of leopard pumps and go about your day. But I tend to go for leopard bracelets or leopard printed peplums that stand out in a crowd of blouses. Plus leopard looks great on prectically anybody. It does not really matter what size you are. Personally, I think leopard looks the best on curvy women, given the nature of our bodies. Something about that "purrr-fect" print gives the bigger body a "pow" effect that I have never seen. Leopard screams sexy and dominate and nothings sexier than a dominate female on the hunt. It screams look at me. It turns heads. If you ask me, leopard print is next to the little black dress...everyone should own one. Or at least something, that is leopard print. 

Here is the look at my jeans that are actually on this awesome website called Plus-sized Fix. Ugh, that website has me drooling every week with new items. All the items on the website are in the store Shimmer, the one I go to on the daily. Every item! So check it out if you must, and like I said the pricing is not bad at all. All the looks are different and not "boring" and "corny" as most plus sized websites are, and it won't cost you an arm or a damn leg. Check them out!

~Here are some more looks from my Outfit Of The Day~

~The Animal Crave~
The Rise Of Leopard Fashion

Im sure some of you are reading this saying "Ugh, Im so over leopard", or "Leopard print is so overdone". But is it? There are so many different ways and looks. Animal print can also be done with different colors and different cuts. This print can't seem to go away like black lipstick. It is here to stay so we might as well make the best of it. Im down for any type of leopard. Any color. Any time. Celebrities seem to rock this trend to the end of the earth with no problem. No matter what era, leopard lives on. Even the hottest designers out cant deny its sassy powers. Don't get me wrong. Not all celebrities are saviors of the trend. Some let it down..hard. These celebs below rock it pretty hardcore, the right way! 

I think personally, the Kardashians make leopard look awful. Im sorry. They make it look so bad. You never seem to catch Kourtney Kardashian (the fashionable sister) anywhere near this print, but you sure find Kim and Khloe knee deep in this tacky ensemble. I think these looks are from their clothing line by the way... 
*closes eyes*

Speaking of this awesome print, my bestie Rose gave me this bag when she came to visit me over the weekend. Yes, Rose came to visit, but thats further down below all this fashion talk. Love this bag! These days since Im a Mommy I can't rock my cool cute purses anymore, nor do I ever buy them at all. It would be a waste honestly. This bag has compartments for baby things such as diapers, wipes and sanitizer. Awesome bag! Love it! Thank you Rosie! She knows my taste...

~Top Leopard Items That Won't Die Out~
According To Me That Is..

Lets face it, love it or hate it, leopard print is here to stay. As I said above its like the little black dress. Its staying in the fashion dictionary for life. Yes, it can come off tacky thanks to Snooki and other wild celebrities that abuse its beauty. But it still finds its way back to the fashion world respectively. Don't we all own at least one thing leopard? Whether your style is baby doll, goth, retro, or even bohemian chic, we all own some leopard somewhere in our closets. 

Here is the top leopard print items we either all have or all need in our rooms..check them out..

1.) The Leopard Gloves
 Depending on where you live, you may or may not need gloves. In California you will never see this unless you were in a high fashion LA swank vintage shop near Hollywood. But these babies ooze chic and sophistication. Especially under a nice shawl or poncho. These might be for the more snooty crowd but you have to admit they are pretty swagged out..

2.) All American Printed Leopard Bag
 I could be totally wrong but don't we all own one? Whether your punked out with emo bands all over your shirt or prissy with all pink polos you defiantly have one of these! We all own or have owned a leopard purse. From down scale to upscale retail, these babies always set the mood. And the crazy part about these bags you can where them with anything! Leopard print bags look amazing with whatever your wearing, even if your rocking a separate print of your own.

3.) The Large Leopard Sheer Scarf
 Need an item to make your outfit pop a bit more? No worries. You have the leopard scarf that will pump up the volume to your look. Im not sure if everyone has one but they might as well. It really looks great when your wearing all black, then you have this sheer amazing scarf wrapped all over you. It makes an outfit stand out, and should be a must in our closets. You never know when your gonna wanna pump your sexy up. 

Sweet & Small Petite Leopard Belt
 Seems as if little belts are becoming more popular than the large belts these days. Rock any cardigan or dress and snatch this around your waist. You WILL see a difference. I myself don't even own a leopard belt but I plan on it. These awesome belts will also look grand around some jeans or ripped shorts. 

Printed Pumps/Wedges & Sandels
 We own at least one. Whether its cool chucks, high wedges or your average high heel pump for a friday night with the girls. Leopard shoes are here to stay. I have loafer leopard printed that I absolutely adore! Nothings better than clashing some leopard on your feet.

Flowing Leopard Pants
 I have to admit I do not own any leopard pants or leggings. Which is pretty shocking given my love for it. This trend will not die out at all. It always seems to resurrects back.

Assesories & Co.

Assessories make an outfit. Right now Im all about triangle shaped jewelry. My bestie came through with this awesome dagger shaped triangle necklace. I love it! She knows my style so well. It looked great for this outfit. Its so bad ass. I love it. Not only did she give me this awesome necklace, it came with some earrings as well. I adore this, I wore it all week actually. Also, she left behind this awesome highlighter yellow nail polish...and if you read my blog on daily you know finding highlighter bright nail color has been an epic fail for me, but now, I found THE ONE!

Probably the best item I received from my girlie Rose is the eagle ring that she gave me.
What goodies right?!?! Amazing!

So here the best bad ass polish I have had ever! Im all about bright bright nails. I know, right now everyone is going dark plum these days but Im still all about the bright yellows and neon colors. Im so use to buying this eight dollar or nine dollar polishes and getting weak ass results, but this does the trick. No double coats or light baby yellows, true bright thick colors! Im loving it! And the crazy part is this polish retails for two dollars and some pennies. Not bad. Go to your local F21! Stock up!

~Life & Fashion~

So here is my excuse for being absent this past month. First was my husbands birthday which was July 4th. That lasted for a good three days given he turned 30 years old. Pretty up there. After that, I was suppose to head down to Viva Las Vegas but of course, as always, I got a pit stop. First my hubbys car goes kaput. Then, I hear from Facebook (of all places) that my fathers brother passed. And man, that hit me hard. My father is my rock and to not be there in that time of pain and anguish was hard for me. Yeah death is a normal thing. But it opened my mind so much. It really opened my eyes to what important. Family. Blood. And close friends. My dad was pretty sad and depressed from what my Mom said. It hit me hard. Because my Dad is a strong man, and my superman. I never seen him weak. My Mom said the funeral was very depressing and sad (as all funerals are) but, apparently my Dad was horrible at the funeral. Just typing about it cuts me. But at the end of the day, Rose drove miles and miles to be with me in time of need. I felt like everything was falling apart.

Tough time for me, but Rose coming did make me feel better and kept my mind off my Dad, who is good now by the way. My Mom says he is getting better but losing sleep. But by talking to me he sounds good. When Rose was here we shopped and had tons of fun. Mind you I haven't seen her in a year which is insane. But, Im glad she came.

My daughter, the little Booski, blended in pretty well. She adored Rose, her hubby and Roses puppy Cairo that came along. It was a full house. But it could have lasted forever. We all had a blast with each other..

Here's Rose rocking a shirt from the 10 Dollar Mall 

Rose found these awesome sandals at Marshalls for only 7.99
Of course, none my size! They are gorg!

Rose and I went to the mall, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, but the place we went to the most was the 10 Dollar Mall. A place we both love. Rose made out like a bandit. So did I, I must say! We went to two of those stores. The first one was great, but the second was hard to find stuff and a mess. But most of what we saw was only 5 bucks, was worth the dig...

Here is all the earrings and studs she found at The 10 Dollar Mall

Also! My awesome neighbor Raquel has a amazing Youtube channel that gives you great tips on makeup. She is pretty awesome and, what can I say, shes the best. She gets great items to review and she gives you her view on the product. So watch her, before you buy! Also, her daughter is my daughters bestie. So its only right. Ha! Check her out!

~More Pics Of My Week~

 Eating Ahi Tuna Salads are the best! My new favorite right now. Its like eating sushi, in a cheaper way! LOL! Love this salad. Yum!

Booski is turning two next month. That was quick. These days she loves Minnie Mouse, Angelina Ballerina, and playing with Toddler Apps. She loves the park and she is very and I mean VERY energetic. Love her a lot. What am I planning for her birthday? Im not sure. I never been a party planner, then again she has only one friend. I'll come up with something Im sure. Here is Booski on a big girl swing, she refused the baby one now...

Here's us back in July for the 4th, all dressed up for Gregs birthday. We went to Joes Crab Shack. 

Watching fireworks was cool, it was Booski's first time...

Greg kicking it B Day style...

~Top Trend That Wont Go Away~

Lets face it. Trends come and go. But some trends never die. Black lips stick comes in and out from time and time, but red lipstick is here to stay no matter what era. What are the top "stays" in fashion? And what are the ultimate "no no's". I know what is the top trends that never seem to disappear, no matter the year or generation...and here they are!

 These little circles will not go away. It can be the 50's, 60's or 80's. It seems to always find its way back to the runway. There is something about polka dots that I love. Maybe its the simplicity. But we always see this print, and I have a feeling we are always going too...

 Does camo ever die? I guess it does. One minute its everywhere for a little but of time but it always comes back into action. Camouflage makes its runs with fashion all the time, another look that will not go anywhere..

 Hippies wore them and so did the Goths and the Punk Rockers. We all have them are have a pair. This will never go away, short shorts are here to stay. Can they ever be played out? Naw! Not these babies, 
Something about shorts and concerts go together pretty well word....Coachella.

 The farmers daughter look will and always will be in believe it or not. Yes, they tend to be ugly and down right "country" but you gotta love these things. You can rip them, make them shorts or even make the straps skinny if you want. Something about this country fried look, still gets us women wondering how can we make this funkier.

 White tees, white button ups, we all love them because they go with freaking everything. Something about a nice crisp white shirt really brightens your day. Loose or tight. V neck or boy collar. Its apart of our fundamentals. The fun part about white tees are they are like a blank canvases, make the focus on your neck with a fab neckless or gear it up with a wicked leather skirt, either way the white tee will always be apart of the fashion era in the future. 

 Yet again this proves my point on leopard clothing. Its always fierce and comes with a powerful punch. Pumps always look good underpants like these. Leopard serves up power and sexiness. Its not going anywhere.

The mother of all fashion must haves, the little black dress. Its almost a rule to have at least one in your closet. It will always fit great, its all black which is a win in the body department, and you can play with it by throwing on loud jewelry and cute shoes. This will always be around. 

~Celeb Candiez~

 I can't even believe Im featuring this celebrity right now as the first fashion deacon right now. Ciara is not usually the best in the fashion world. She rocks the urban tomboy look but Rihanna always seems to out shine her every time. Im sure that is part of the reason why they have a sort of riff in their relationship. But since Ciara started dating her new boo Future, who is the new Tpain of rappers these days..

She has transformed into a fashion ass kicker lately and maybe the new love is to blame! She looks great! She came so far from where she use to be. Check out Ci Ci's new looks below. She sure redeemed herself. 

You better work Ciara. She is now wearing red lips and a new blonde dew! Im feeling it so much! Nails are on point and the shoe game is amazing. 

I love a woman who has the guts to chop off their locs whether its weave or not. Im loving this new bob. Very Rihanna, which is a good thing..

Ciara rocking the dark plum lippy and this awesome coat, I love this. It's very female Kanye. Seems a but Rihanna, but if Im not mistaken, she made this her own..

Cute crop top and shades. Nice street chic I must say.. Im stoked that the long skirt with cuts are coming back in style again, especially in those colors and prints...

 Im getting straight Miley in this picture. Love the shirts and galaxy esk shirt. 

Congrads Ciara for stepping your game up! She has been standing out more than ever. She went from being a Georgia peach to a hot Hollywood celebrant. I can respect that. She is no Rihanna of course, but she is surely killing it right now. New boo's can do that to a wardrobe. Except for Kim Kardashian. She hasnt grasped the concept yet. But Ciara, your winning. Kudos!


Speaking of Ciara, her arch nemesis changed the game with grey hair this month. I love it. Does she ever do any wrong? She rocked grey streaks in her hair and tips, which are everything! The thought of putting grey hair in your roots sounds crazy. But she rocked that grey like it was this..

Her fashion was typical Rihanna. She then changed her hair yet again, and is rocking what she calls the "Micheal Jackson". I adore it. Then again, what don't I like about Rihanna. She is super sexy..! The curly hair is amaze-balls.

~Miley Cyrus~

Miley is KILLING it right now. Besides the twerking videos and the constant bad behavior, her fashion game is on the ups. The chopped hair is still cut low. And her shorts are becoming shorter and shorter. I adore her. She is honestly the white Rihanna and I love her for it. She is bold and in your face. Check out her looks over the month:


When your sister is Beyonce, it is kind of hard to stand out, but she does. Solange is on tour rocking her music at festivals looking fly as ever. She is the queen of patterns. And she nails it every time. Love the shirt and pants below. So cute!

~Nina Dobrev~
 Vampire Diaries anyone? Love that show! Nina rocked this colorful number and killed it with bold colors, and a flawless face. Love the bracelet cuffs.

~Nicole Ritchie~
 She makes skinny look good... I'll give it to her.

~Vanessa Hudgens~
 I have yet to see Spring Breakers. Vanessa killed it. Her shoes are amazing. I love the all white as well. TO DIE FOR!

Jessica C.
 Im loving her style right now. She is a newer actress. Im loving her looks. This dress is insane and the shoes are too die for!

Lana Del Rey
 Everyone should download Lana Del Rey, if you love old school music. She is amazing. Her style is pretty old school as well. Love her. And the chucks and fur is extra gangsta..

 Naya Riveria

If you watch Glee you know her as Santana Lopez, the bitch lesbian cheerleader. But in real life she is an actress who bangs Big Sean, the rapper. She is totally beautiful. I mean, she is just beyond pretty. She is pretty darn sexy. Her style is pretty awesome as well.  Check out her most recent looks..

Lady Gaga
 Gaga where the hell have you been? So I hear the word on the street is she has a new album coming out called Artpop which should be pretty bad ass given she has been on hiatus for awhile. But time makes good music, so it might be worth the wait. Im ready for it.
She has been pretty tame with her outfits lately...can't wait to see the next chapter of Gaga..

Thanks for reading and rocking with me! See ya'll next week! Mwah!

*stay close*


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