Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Maid Of Honor: Life & Love Wedding Style

Man, so much has happened. Apparently, Im sick and need to learn to drink more water. I hate water which sucks. Im getting older and can't down sodas like I use too. My kidneys are pissed. Having kidney issues are the worst. It feels like someone put on a steal boot and kicked you lower back three times. Man, its a bitch. So Im on a water kick. Im trying to drink way more water. Kidney issues are no joke. Sometimes we have to sit back and start caring for our bodies. Man do I hate water. Ugh. I tried doing the lemon trick to give it some taste but it did not help. I even gave myself an imagine of a dry desert and had to pretend I was thirsty for a cup of ice cold aqua. Pathetic I know. Mean while, so much has changed. Im gonna update you guys as much as I can.

Being in bed became a ritual. Pain killers keep me there. Im feeling a bit better. Yet as soon as I have an "okay" day, the next day Im hurting pretty bad.

So I was watching one of my many t.v shows called "Pretty Little Liars" and I saw a shirt like this one with the shoulders cut out. I even saw Kourtney Kardashian rocking the shirt as well. It looked so awesome I decided to make my own. Why not. Came out pretty awesome.

It was pretty easy cutting out the shoulders. I thought I was going to mess it up. Very nice with California weather. Winter here is low 70's with rain. No coats or jackets required.

In Other News:
I was officially a Maid Of Honor...

Yes. After a few months of dating they decided they could not live without each other. This was such a love story. Its still hard to believe. I know her husband very very well. He is my husbands best friend. I know him for years. And of course, Rose, my bff, has been in my life forever. They clicked right away. They adore each other so much. Rose rocked this cute dress for the big day which was February 15th.

Being sick, I was not there as much as I would have liked to be.

Still, Rose showed me how much of a good friend I was. She sent me a "Maid Of Honor" shirt and this beautiful starfish necklace. It was so amazing. I know have this weird obsession with star fish. Rose got me the necklace because she has a tattoo of a star on her wrist, and it represents her family. Since I am apart of her family, my star is a starfish. Also it represents my love of the water. She has no idea how much this meant to me. This necklace answered questions and thoughts for me. If she only knew, how much this necklace represented my life right now.

Before her wedding, I gave her the traditional "something borrowed, something blue" gift. Thats me preparing it in the picture.

Here is Rose, about to get hitched Vegas style wearing the necklace from my gifts. She looked beautiful.
Here is Rose about to hit the plane for Vegas..

Me rocking my Maid Of Honor shirt....loved it...
Check out me opening and reading the card Rose gave me. I was a hotmess. I cried horribly. Man did I look a mess, but the emotions were strong and very real...

Not only was this week Rose's wedding week, Breaking Dawn came out. How appropriate was this dvd given Edward and Bella gets married on this movie. Of course I got the wedding edition.

The dvd also came with this Edward and Bella throw. I was pretty stoked...

Don't judge ... tee hee...

So of course, the premiere of Walking Dead came back on. I celebrated it the best way I could. Red velvet cup cakes! Bloody red for a awesome zombie night. It turned out amazing. It was super fun making it. The batter was bloody and looked real. Perfect.

Walking Dead cupcakes!!!


Someones teething. She was not fussy what so ever. Great baby. Love her. She is drooling alot. I got her a purse teether. She is doing great.
Check out her tooth:

Mwah you guys!


  1. such a beautiful baby

  2. Lil mama is soooooooooooooo gorgeous!! and congrats to Rose!

  3. OMG Girl I am so glad that you finally posted! I was just thinking about you yesterday when I looked on my sidebar and saw how long its been since you posted! You poor thing. I hope you get to feeling better. Drink plenty of water. Try it with Crystal Light or mixed with Cranberry Juice. I CAN NOT BELIEVE Rose got married! Congrats ROSE!! When you know its just know! YO betta treat Rose right!! lol Your daughter is getting so big and too cute! So good to hear from you. Kiah

  4. omg your too adorable! glad your back, make sure you look after yourself! drink that darn water! xxx

  5. Congrats to Rose! OMG I cried along with you! That was so sweet of her.

    About your health missy! You gatta take care of yourself. I look forward to posts from you, you complete my day :)

    Your daughter is getting so big & is just the most adorable kid ever! Enjoy these moments... xx

  6. Congrats to Rose. I hope you feel better.

  7. Congrats Rose!!! Tia the baby looks beautiful and healthy. Feel better soon babe!

  8. Woo hoo to Rose...that is just the most exciting news EVER!! Like a true love story. And to top it off she married someone that is a close friend to you guys also, how perfect.

    If you don't like water, try drinking sparkling water. I swear by it and I don't even miss soda at all!!

    Baby pics...LOVE LOVE!!